Habe eine Searx-Instanz aufgesetzt. Diese ist erreichbar unter

Gerne könnt ihr auch meinen Blog-Artikel dazu lesen:

Set up a Searx instance. This is available at

If you are able to read the German language, you can also read my blog article about it:

@scroom I tried to use their site and get errors like "Engines cannot retrieve results:
google (unexpected crash: CAPTCHA required) " and unexpected crash: list index out of range.

I was also on your blog. Why is an ear cleaner photo there? At least that's what it looks like to me.

@gemlog @scroom I also get the error message that Google wants to have a captcha resolved. But it's very interesting! Do you have more software like that in mind? I only know this list on GitHub about free software for self hosting:

@christopher @gemlog Thanks for your advice. Apparently there are problems with Google. This bug report advises you to disable Google for a few hours:

I'm gonna try this one.

@gemlog The picture shows a needle in a haystack. There is a proverb in German to which this picture alludes. If something's hard to find / to manage, it's as hard as finding a needle in a haystack

@scroom @christopher We have the same saying in english. It just looks like there is a little spoon on the end. And with the ball on the end one can't push it through cloth...

Google mag aber nicht:

Die folgenden Suchmaschinen können die Ergebnisse nicht empfangen:
google (unexpected crash: CAPTCHA required)

@jedie Danke für den Hinweis. Scheint ein bekanntes Problem zu sein. Werde mal probieren die Google Engine für einige Stunden zu deaktiveren, wie hier angemerkt wird:

Das mit der Anonymität beim Suchen kann aber nur dann funktionieren, wenn deine searx Instanz von genügend unterschiedliche Usern genutzt wird. Ansonsten können Google & Co genau so deine Suchinteressen speichern wie sonst auch.

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