People who've done FOSS/self-hosted home automation, what system(s) did you use and how well does your setup work?

@alexbuzzbee I used a Fedora IoT-based raspi as home server running an IBM NodeRED with NodeRED-Dashboard and my own MQTT Broker instead of (HA) - everything in docker containers. My switches are Sonoffs with the custom Tasmota firmware applied.

I've turned a simple (fancy looking) light chain without switch into a switchable one. I build my own 600 LEDs 8 meter RGBW stripe chain to bring daylight under my self-build loft bed :)

@alexbuzzbee I only recommend Fedora IoT and the whole docker setup if you really want to kill some time and dive deep into the technologyverse though.

Nodered is great to build everything customly and have it easy to implement your own protocols and binary conversions from stuff that you connect to your own MQTT and offers you to handle stuff with http as well

Tasmota though is a great firmware with over the air updates and nice features. Works well with many ESP based switches.

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