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Mir ist gerade zum ersten Mal aufgefallen, wenn in Hanau eine Ansage für Gleis 102 gemacht wird, sagt die aufgezeichnete Stimme Einhundert-Zwo, statt Einhundert-Zwei. Aber warum?

Grund dafür ist, dass sich diese Aussprache besser von der ähnlich klingenden drei unterscheidet. Bei Bahnansagen durchaus relevant, wenn sich Gleis zwo und drei oft auf unterschiedlichen Bahnsteigen befinden.


Ja, die Zahl zwei hat eine Wikipedia Seite.

Anyone knows about an informative article about @pixelfed I could share with my friends and circles?

It’s a Disservice to Urge Young People to Become Entrepreneurs according to the linked article.

Actually I've made the same experience being in my mid-twenties and founding a startup. I've a mid-thirties Co-founder and besides his job-experience he's so valuable for the company with his life experience and there is so much for me to learn.

My next question is: could this have something to do with Ageism, or is it really just life and job experience?


Buying your new android phone already pierced with security issues. Ouch.

Good read about security issues in brand new android OSes induced through third-party apps and the current way of putting the value of a cheap buy and quick growth over the security and trustworthiness of the overall system. That's actually sad.


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Linus Torvalds: Git is a distributed version control system, which means even if you lose a remote, you still have your local copy, so your code is safe, unlike centralized VCSes.

Developer Community: wut?

Microsoft: Hmm. How about you use our Visual Studio Online and push it to GitHub, both hosted on our computers, so that you don't have a local copy?

Developer Community: Yaay! Such innovation! Very cloud! Much wow! 🎉

Trump: Thou shall not use US services.

Developers: Where's my code? 😭

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I really hat pages with wrong claims.

Please note: This is exactly how the page opened in my browser with the "Do-Not-Track"-Header enabled. I didn't change any setting.

I consider starting a domain blacklist with bad privacy settings and potentially illegal privacy defaults.

I get really annoyed by this stuff.

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My evil masterplan: Make everyone using Mastodon or the broader Fediverse in general.

Progress so far: 4 done, ~7 billion to go.

Join me :blobfoxfloofdevil: and the world will be everyones'!

Irgendwelche RepairCafé Menschen hier, die uns ein paar ihrer Stories zum Thema Fairphone teilen wollen?

Ich bin neugierig :mastoinnocent:

My dog is my loyal pair programmer.

Unfortunately he only produces typos :/

I love him nonetheless

Die meisten glauben ja, Anakin Skywalker verdiene aufgrund seiner Fähigkeiten als Macht-Anwender Anerkennung.

Hat eigentlich irgendjemand ne Ahnung wie krass es dagegen ist, 6 Millionen Protokolle zu implementieren? Ich mein lest euch doch mal einen RFC oder ein Paper durch. Als Anakin Skywalker seinen Beruf gewählt bekommen hat, ist der Informatik ganz klar ein Genie flöten gegangen.

Da lag eindeutig ein Missverständnis vor.

Shame on you, Jedis!

Ich habe mal gelesen, dass es für Kinder gut ist, möglichst früh den Gleichgewichtssinn und das Körpergefühl zu trainieren. Das prägt die gleichen Hirnregionen aus, die wir für viele Mathematische Disziplinen nutzen.

Der moderne Digital native braucht den ganzen Sport-Quatsch aber nicht mehr, da die Kinder durch das Merken der 100 Passwörter für Netflix, Disney+, Twitter und Facebook sowie die Hand-Daumenkoordination bereits alles ausprägen, was der Homo Sapiens Digitus zum Überleben braucht.

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I'm looking for software that'd allow easy and rapid visual creation of diagrams.

The thing is: MS Office has a lot of presets for flowcharts/ diagrams and they smartly adapt to your changes (like number of items etc.).

I' looking for something that could replace that in the free software world.

Libre and Free office lack smart presets, which are a key feature I think.

If making a 5-step linear process diagram is gonna require 25 clicks - ain't gonna work. It has to be 5 clicks.

Ideas? :)

Richtet ihr eigentlich ab und an in eurer Gegend und eurem Einflussbereich Android ROM-Customization-Partys aus?

Ich fürchte zwar zum Support für alle zu werden, die ich zu Purism oder Fairphone inklusive LineageOS konvertiere, im persönlichen Umfeld ist es mir das Risiko allerdings wert und Spaß macht es mir zumindest auch! :toot:

Any one knows some good literature / extensive blogs about the concepts behind federation, foss, the fediverse and the social impact of those approaches?

I'm interested in boosting up my basic knowledge in those topics to drive them further in my local circles. With all the good and the bad about it.

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🎉 We're back 🎉 ! Apologies for the prolonged silence, who knew moving mammoth could be so complex?

But we have started tooting again and we have a ton of things to tell you! Stay tuned 👀

The current VS Code release is unsigned and will fail on all systems requiring PGP checks.

On fedora use

sudo dnf update --exclude="code"

to mitigate the issue until it's resolved.

See github for status updates:


Follow release updates with the feed-reader of your choice. Read how to do this on @sheogorath blog


To all the Samsung Tab S4/S5s users out there. For those of you also completely turned off by the button you always hit at the wrong time here is what I did.

I took a paper clip and used a pair of pliers to first bring it into a circular shape and then bend it onto the pen. I fixed it into position with an old sticker I had laying around.

I read some would go the extra mile, open the pen and physically detach the button.

Then again, it's funny how much effort one can invest in such a thing.

I just recently learned that the most clean room in a house regarding dustyness is the bath right after a nice and hot shower!

Why would I care? Well, it's the best spacetime to apply a new foil to my devices.

You want to troll your tech blog readers?

Then always use different utf8 characters where possible that look exactly the same as normal ones. You could write a plugin for your static side generator that does this for you, if you really want automate it.

An example:
'‐‐some-arg' instead of '--some-arg'

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