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Wenns ums geht spricht mir dieses Lied einfach aus dem Herzen. Danke dafür Versengold!

Mehr Mut im -
"Das wär ein Traum"

VerFLIXt. Erst kam der Zug heute morgen eine Stunde *zu früh* und jetzt gibt's auch noch eine polizeiliche Ermittlung im Zug... Eine höhere macht möchte wohl nicht, daß ich heute mein Sushi bekomme - würde ich glauben, wenn ich ein Fan wäre der großen Korrelation.

Warum ich das teile? Was gibt es schöneres als die Misere anderer am Sonntag Nachmittag 👌 *nippt an seinem Kaffee*

While digging up some shit from the past I realise that parts of my missing self-confidence are so because of my missing ability to digg up shit from the past.

Although it's pretty hard and feels like tearing wounds apart, increasing the pain, at the same time getting to know myself and learning the answers to the truly unsettling questions is in self a pretty good way of boosting my confidence.

Shared flat advantage 23: When living with a bunch of lovely, grim looking psychopaths there'll always be some scarry person around watching over the house while you are gone! Nifty!

WG Vorteil 23: Wenn man mit ein paar liebenswürdigen, grimmig dreinschauenden Psychopathen zusammenlebt ist immer eine furchterregende Erscheinung da um auf das Haus aufzupassen während man unterwegs ist! Praktisch!

Seeing co2 emissions for every bank transaction is also what I'm looking forward to for my favorite startup bank
tomorrow.one! One of their competitors is already featuring this, so the PoC is already there ;)


Did you know that FromAtoB now shows co2 emissions caused by the different travel methods? Pretty neat!

Could someone with English grammar skills help me with that last paragraph? I don't know, it somehow feels odd :D

I'm on my way meeting some friends in Czech Republic using Flixtrain and flixbus. Guess what happened. The train arrived one hour earlier than planned and of course I got a notification about this situation - not -.-

I'm traveling with two friends of mine - I want to show them the beautiful advanture of a journey with public transport. I think I got what I asked for :'D

Interestingly enough db seems to have known this and would I've saved the trip in the dB navigator I'd have been informed

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Interesting, #oatly now show the #CO2 footprint of their product (0.42 kg per kg) on the packaging and challenge the #food and #dairy industry to do the same. My assumption: they won't, unless they are required by law to do so. I think that would be useful information.

Holy shit. How can you even put a major spoiler in the first 5 seconds of a video and then dare to show a spoiler alert at second 30?... ARGH!

Let me recommend Haikyuu!! - a sports anime about volleyball - which became one of my favorite series. It's tense and heartwarming at the same time. I've had a really good time watching this. Everytime I was exhausted or just grumpy as hell for whatever reason one or two episodes would cheer me up and ignite my will to carry on. It's all about teamwork and self-improvement while investing a lot into the pursue of ones goals just for the sake and love of doing this sport!

Next time someone presents me their IQ test score I'll point them to this video with the notice, that their are 9 other types of intelligence they shall test first before talking to me again.


Was kann man eigentlich persönlich fürs Klima tun? PD hat da ein paar Ideen passend zum Anlass heute!

Und welches nicht zum Streik kann, weil es ein Meeting hat, dafür ist es ja ein Streik! Da es lange hand angekündigt ist könnte man ja glatt dem Arbeitgeber fahrlässige Sabotage des Kampfes für bessere Klimapolitik unterstellen!

Außerdem, wir müssen für all die lieben Mitmenschen in den Bereitschaftsdiensten und berufen mit Streikverbot mitstreiken!

Music is life, right? And since life is full of stories that want to be shared go on and and check out my playlist 'Emotioncoaster' on Spotify. An (almost) anonymous glimpse on my soul so to say ;)

This playlist originates from a really tense time and holds some of my Favorit day to day tracks and is about deep stuff, feelings and the up and downs of life.


Woran merkt man am besten, dass die meisten nicht mehr verständliches Deutsch im Schriftverkehr verwenden?

Die mithilfe von maschinellem Lernen nutzerübergreifend, trainierte Tastatur versteht kein Deutsch mehr und spukt völlig unverständliche Vorhersagen aus

Man! Schon widder! Da will ma einma net so gschwolln daher schwatzn und die Tastatur will einfach net so wie isch!

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Tomorrow we strike back!
Global Climate Strike September 20-27th:
5225 events
In 156 countries
On all 7 continents
And counting!
Find your local strike or register your own at fridaysforfuture.org/ 
Spread the word and see you in the streets!
#FridaysForFuture #ClimateStrike

And my professor thought, 80 Pis would be fancy. Not bad.

It has be built by a doctor, but - doctor who?

I suppose it's bigger from the inside and the architecture is probably pretty wibbly wobbly.


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