Proof of Conway's Law
"Any organization that designs a system (defined broadly) will produce a design whose structure is a copy of the organization's communication structure.":
Kellyanne Conway playing Trump's Mouth of Sauron to divide the USA with propaganda divides her family and makes her daughter run away in disgust.

Ob die Eskabolation in der SPD den Weitblick gezeigt hat, schon an die übernächste Wahl zu denken, wage ich zu bezweifeln.

On the one hand,
is a disgusting panegyric for a billionaire Mover and Shaker and propaganda for his private company that fills the vacuum left behind by a government space agency systematically rendered ineffective …
on the other hand, the propaganda works on me, even though I'd prefer a much more technical narrative.

Do not forgive them, for they know what their platforms are doing:
Facebook executives shut down efforts to make the site less divisive

Also wenn ihr meint, Bill Gates habe das Virus in die Welt gesetzt, dann solltet ihr alle am besten SOFORT auf Linux umsteigen.

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*Announcer Voice*
And who will listen to this episode after every single regular listener participated in the recording?

Sorry couldn't resist ;D

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