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I wrote a custom Vulkan wrapper using ash, please tell me how bad it is:

Is there a way to store offline messages on an IRC server without any bouncers?

Interessant dass ein Spiel auf GOG nur auf Englisch ausgeliefert wird aber auf Steam mit allen 5...

Things Id personally like to see implemented in Mumble:
- Soundpacks
- Ability for users to rename themselves
- connect to multiple servers at the same time
- set nicknames for other users

Twitter ist nicht in der lage diskriminierende Beiträge zu löschen die mehrfach gemeldet werden. Kann man die irgendwie bei einer deutschen Meldestelle(zB fürs NetzDG) melden?

Wer braucht schon kalte Schnauze, wenn man kalte Pizza haben kann.

Oh surprise surprise... Kernel-space is not a magical sphere, where you can put an anti-cheat driver, which will prevent users to cheat in online games.

Nice to see Quora is now blocking out NoScript users. Wont visit this site again.

Ist es eigentlich Datenschutzrechtlich(DSGVO) verboten, dass VoIP Programme wie Teamspeak die Audiodaten unverschlüsselt senden?

I once believed X11(and xlib) were outdated and legacy but recently I met winapi.
Welcome to the world of dumb constant names and function calls. Expect to write much redundant code.

Im trying to create a transparent window on X11 but this fails:

If someone here can help me debug this I would appreciate it.
Tell me if you need build instructions/etc.

Does someone here know how I can add a ubuntu package to the Github ubuntu CI?

I have the feeling that every anti-cheat that is currently used will be useless in a few years when we have neural networks playing the game and stay undetected lol

I am currently looking at roccat mice but im unsure about their linux support, do they mandatory require a driver or can they be used on systems without such driver?

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