@proxeus @cesese DOS was only accessible by the CLI.
Writing words in a logical manner should be too much to be expected.

Calling out to the Mastodon community again: famous @fdroidorg Repomaker is looking for a new maintainer (and contributors). Should be familiar with F-Droid, Python, Django.

Please help keeping it alive!

Volunteers go to gitlab.com/fdroid/repomaker/is – others please boost, as usual 😉 Thanks!

#helpWanted #callingOut

@DissidentKitty rememers me that I wanted to read more about RPGs like DND and stuff

Autos, dorf 

@namtari @ivesen I could bash anyone uploading such low-res JPEG images...

@ocean (this game looks neat too - do you know what its called?)

@Baishujinkou @ocean Im used to read it like that - because copying from others in school learned me reading this.

@f2k1de Noch ein Grund warum ich meine Datenträger verschlüsseln sollte.

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