Things Id personally like to see implemented in Mumble:
- Soundpacks
- Ability for users to rename themselves
- connect to multiple servers at the same time
- set nicknames for other users

@whiteout @absturztaube Just use the "swipe" unlocking - shouldnt be less secure

Twitter ist nicht in der lage diskriminierende Beiträge zu löschen die mehrfach gemeldet werden. Kann man die irgendwie bei einer deutschen Meldestelle(zB fürs NetzDG) melden?

@nw What so ever as long there is no IETF RFC for Matrix I have interest in it.

@kumicota Yes but they believed in what riot said and now they see its not the case...

@kumicota And people acting like "But I dont want cheaters" believe in this "kernel level anticheat is 100% better" snakeoil.

@nw AFAIK matrix is still for most of the part centralized.

@pony Geschmack ist gut - Konsistenz ist mir etwas seltsam.

@isi Im schlimmsten Fall alle Postinkrementierungen durch ein '+=1' ersetzen.

@koyu @riveck but python at least has quite well specified definitions IIRC

@koyu I cant think of any scenario where you would need to run a linux application written for d3d in WSL... As I guess every application written for d3d is also available for windows this makes no sense.

@koyu Windows 10 still keeps Windows 7/Vista configuration GUIs next to the new ones.

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