Can someone help me understand?

If #OpenSource is "free labor for corporations", how exactly is it not *also* "free labor for individuals" or small groups of citizens?

#FreeSoftware #FLOSS #FOSS #t

@downey Throw in a GPL license and it's free labor for everyone. Everyone benefits by using the GPL.

@Lofenyy @downey Freedom is not something the GPL endorses.
Id rather use the MPL if it were for copyleft.

@Lofenyy @downey The GPL is just long - very LONG and just something I wont read, even most contracts I signed were much shorter than that.
It has heavy licensing issues when it comes to code integration with other licenses, see e.g. Linux.

@nifker @downey You don't like it because it's a restrictive license, meaning you can do less with it?

@nifker @downey This is where copyleft comes in. Copyleft is one small restriction which states that code cannot be relicensed. It must retain the same license it was distributed with. This restriction prevents the previous issue from occouring and modifications to software by any entity can be added or rejected by the community, making it by far the gold standard of software licensing. This benefits everyone in the long run.



@Lofenyy @downey The thing is the GPL basically requires a VCS, as it wants that the time, the lines and in what way it has been changed.

@nifker @downey I'm not sure I understand how. I use and write GPL software and while I always recommend using a VCS, I've never needed one due to using the GPL. Practical reasons have always come first.

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