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Does someone here know how I can add a ubuntu package to the Github ubuntu CI?

I have the feeling that every anti-cheat that is currently used will be useless in a few years when we have neural networks playing the game and stay undetected lol

I am currently looking at roccat mice but im unsure about their linux support, do they mandatory require a driver or can they be used on systems without such driver?

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Can people here recommend good mice(rather gaming mouse or atleast similiar and it should properly work on linux out-of-the-box)?

Imagine Microsoft writing good software, especially web services.

"discord is accessible"

not to me, if your community is on there, i can't join it

Frag mich bitte 5 mal danach zu spenden aber was soll dieser Mist?
Damit ich verfolgt werde und die Seite noch langsamer läuft?

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Können wir bitte mal rechtlich festlegen wieviele externe Skripte eine Internetseite maximal nutzen darf?!

Ok it seems like I needed to start "Frozen Throne" instead of the "Warcraft 3" executable.

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I seem to be unable to load many maps which I downloaded and put into my folder :/

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Why cant we just have a open community developed Dota Allstars remake...

And again Riot Games "borrows" a feature from Valve they had 7 years in Dota 2.
I guess its time to sue Riot Games.

For my next trick, I'll be writing a web browser in Excel

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In school you get taught that you shall not give up and keep working on things, even if you dislike them.
But in reality you will just throw them away just like garbage.

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