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is your child texting about C++?

idc - I don't const
dps - dangling pointer spaghetti
lel - linker error, lovely
kys - know your STL
irl - I'm rvaluing lvalues
smh - segfaulting my heap


Office 365 declared illegal in German schools due to privacy risks | Ars Technica…

When you think you implemented and designed a "good" crypto-library and an elaborated application which uses it but is inherently flawed, then your name is probably Telegram.

Ich habe noch nie soetwas wiederliches gesehen.
Man merkt zwar wie er so tut als sei er weltoffen, allerdings drängt er mit seiner Meinung, u.A. zur Flüchtlingspolitik und sein Gehetze gegen verschiedene Meinungen, den Zuschauer glauben zu lassen, dass das was in Wahrheit rechts ist, die "Mitte" sei.

RT @FerdaAtaman
Taz lesen bildet. Lerne gerade, dass @nicosemsrott der deutsche Politiker mit den zweitmeisten Followern auf Instagram ist - nach der Bundeskanzlerin.

crossposting this here from birdsite since some of you will probably vibe with it: cockatoo tears down anti-bird spikes

Thats the point where Alphabet should get sanctioned by the EU cartel office, again.

UK ISP group names Mozilla 'Internet Villain' for supporting 'DNS-over-HTTPS' | ZDNet

UK government and local ISPs are putting the pressure on browsers to drop plans to support DoH protocol.

I can't understand how a decision being made that a compiler enforces a "styling standard" and prevents the programmer from using anything thats not allowed LOL

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