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Are here people who like Sandbox games, we could play together? ^^

Two weeks ago I wanted to write some code to render fonts with Vulkan - now Im here and still havent worked on it because I dont have much experience with font parsing, font background knowledge and stuff.

Can someone here recommend communication channels to meet people to play with(which are not discord obviously)?

Hypothese: Wer Amazon Prime nutzt würde auch Sklavenhändler bezahlen.

I actually knew that its an official extension now.
I dont know seriously - havent seen any test results so far.

Are here people who are playing Guild Wars 2?

I will never understand why streamers forbid it to post links in their chat

I'm thinking about getting a completely modular PSU but it seems like that the cablemods, are only available in 30cm length.
I mean why would I need a modular PSU then, if there's only one length available?

Actually I did it right but I was using double floats instead of single floats and the fragment shader was expecting single floats.

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Got a texture partially working now(it should be half blue, half purple). Now I gotta clean up and split my code.

Next thing I will try to set up is mapping rectangles with a texture.

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I was today able to render more than 1 rectangle to the screen.

Ive read of the game veloren some months ago, but I recently saw it popping up again - seems to be quite nice.
I might try it out soon - someone who would like to play it with me?

I think when NVidia will acquire ARM, things will become very bad, very.

Recommendations where I can meet new people (maybe play games with and talk to)?
One requirement: FOSS software only.

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