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@kuketzblog @Digitalcourage Wir stimmen zu, Software sollte möglichst immer reproduzierbar gebaut sein. Aber Achtung: Entgegen des Zitats ist Software bei #FDroid und #Debian nicht immer reproduzierbar gebaut.

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Seit die #Urheberrechtsreform im EU-Parlament verabschiedet wurde, sprießen Europaweit TOR Nodes. Bis zum eigentlichen Einsatz von #uploadfilter könnten es viele mehr werden ;)

Da kann die #ContentMafia am Ende auch nicht viel gegen machen, hauptsache #Artikel13 haben wollen.

Creí un deck para : en frases

Traduje la traducción alemana original a Español e Inglés. Espero que así más gente pueda aprender el Árabe con este deck.

I've created a for : in sentences

The original German text got translated into English and Spanish, in the hope that it's useful to even more people.

Ich habe ein Deck für erstellt: in Sätzen

Die deutschen Texte sind außerdem auf Englisch und Spanisch übersetzt.

It's easy to modify apps to include malware before they are published on those platforms. Therefore, users have to trust publishers. This is where reproducibility comes into play.

Draft text of images for visually impaired:

Free Software is a great thing, because it allows users to check that apps are doing what they pretend to do. But almost nobody compiles apps themselves. Instead, binaries are used which in case of Google Play or Apple's App Store are built by the apps' developers or in case of F-Droid come from the project itself.

Writing about on the road couldn't be much better than with and which generate a lovely preview and sync my drafts across all my devices. Thanks so much to their developers!

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Earth isn't the only planet with aurora. Aurora have been observed on other planets such as Saturn, shown here (Hubble image)

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One day I would like to put all open-source operating systems developers in one room and put one single slide on the screen:

"There is only one Donald Knuth and you are not him.

And no, you are not even Brian Kerninghan or Dennis Ritchie¹.

Learn to manage your ego."
¹ I have actually met dmr as an 8 yr old child and asked him to explain printf() varargs to me² which he did in the kindest, gentlest, non-condescending way.
² Yes, I was taught C & Lisp aged 6. Explains things, right?

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Our new #TWIF #35 is online, talking about our presence at #35C3, the first release of #Repomaker to #Flathub and wishing you Merry Christmas 🎄

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Alex Gerst ist da schon enorm anrührend. Nehmt euch die fünf Minuten.

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FOSS is free as in toilet

Excellent statement, absolutely true

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There are some key things to keep in mind if you want to try to figure out how to do truly anonymous tracking of installs for F-Droid:

* The anonimity of the data must be proven, not assumed. It only takes 33 bits of data to uniquely identify every person on the planet. There are so many cases where organizations put data on the internet that they believed had been "anonymized", only to find out it was trivial to deanonymize with the right techniques.


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Wir fordern:
„Autofahrende tragen keine Schuld am sogenannten #Dieselskandal und dürfen darum nicht mit #Überwachung bestraft werden.“

→ Jetzt Appell-Brief an Abgeordnete im #Bundestag unterstützen:

#CDU #CSU #SPD #GroKo #Fahrverbote #diesel /f

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