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Wir fordern:
„Autofahrende tragen keine Schuld am sogenannten #Dieselskandal und dürfen darum nicht mit #Überwachung bestraft werden.“

→ Jetzt Appell-Brief an Abgeordnete im #Bundestag unterstützen:

#CDU #CSU #SPD #GroKo #Fahrverbote #diesel /f

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I got a commission from an old high school classmate last month. He wanted me to draw his current house as a christmas gift for his wife (as they're preping to move soon)

It's been a long time since I've done a pencil drawing but I think this has turned out well! I have some color touches to add still but other then that I'm all done!

#graphitedrawing #pencildrawing #house #commission

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Der #35C3 naht – um die Wartezeit etwas zu verkürzen, hab ich mein Nähkästchenwissen über die Warteschlangen am Congresseinlass aufgeschrieben:

@nutomic You're talking about a video evidence where a Sandanista is kidnapped. If that's true, that's to blame. But, please, also see the hundreds of people who got killed by pro-governmental units while protesting peacefully and the thousands of people who got imprisoned because of so called "terrorism".

@nutomic But this time, it's different. Ortega today no more is who he was in the 80s. I lived in that country for quite some time and I can witness that there were a whole lot of people dissatisfied with how the government behaved. How they gave a shit about people's rights, how they concentrated the country's power and money in the hands of Ortega's family. How one as a citizen had to care about what to say in order to not getting into serious consequences.

@nutomic Please, don't understand me wrong. I'm not saying the US never did any regime change or never tried to attempt one in Nicaragua. Actually, they did, and they were sentenced for this by the International Criminal Court (which they don't respect).

I *know* all of this.

@nutomic Sorry, but what gives you the right to say that what you're telling is "the truth"? How can you proof that all those demonstrations by Nicaraguans are nothing more than another US regime change? Or do you just state this because it aligns well to other US regime changes, without further investigating this situation?

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Do you have experience with #Flatpak? Then we need your help!

We want to package #Repomaker as #Flatpak to make it easier for people to install. We already have a running flatpak and are only missing the final bits. Any help is highly appreciated!

See "Packaging Repomaker as Flatpak" for more information:

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#Briar is an unusual kind of messenger for Android devices: there are no servers, messages are stored on your phone and sent directly to your contact's phone through TOR, wi-fi or bluetooth.

It's designed for journalists, activists, people working in disaster zones and anyone interested in "off the grid" communication.

The official site is here:

The app is free, open source and available through @fdroidorg and Google Play.

#AlternativesAtoZ #Privacy #MeshNetworks

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Teach Yourself Computer Science

Highly recommended for all self-taught computer programmers. 😎

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Another image of the Moon from Saturday night. This time through a 20cm f3.9 reflecting telescope. 0.003s each RGB. #astrophoto

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I can't wait for :pixelfed: to join the fediverse in 2 days!

This feels like a dream, I really can't thank everyone enough for the support ❤️

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Wow, gerade erfahren dass die #Tagesschau ein eigenes #FDroid Repository betreibt. Sehr schön! Wenn jetzt die durch öffentliche Mittel finanzierte Software noch #FreieSoftware wäre, dann wäre es perfekt. #PublicMoney? #PublicCode!

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Wir freuen uns zu sehen, dass die #Tagesschau ihr eigenes #FDroid Repo betreibt:

Das ist ein großartiger Schritt in die richtige Richtung! Das Repo enthält die offizielle App der Tagesschau, die leider nicht frei und quelloffen ist, obwohl sie durch Steuergelder finanziert wird.

Wenn es sich um öffentliche Gelder handelt, sollte auch der Code öffentlich sein! #PublicCode

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We're happy to learn #Tagesschau (German public-service TV news) having their own #F-Droid repo:

It features their official app and is a great move towards user rights and freedom. Sadly the app isn't free and open source software, although it's financed by taxpayers’ money.

If it is public money, it should be public code as well. #PublicCode

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I wish there were a way to follow like 10% of someone.

I miss out on some awesome people because they just toot too much. Following them drowns out the quieter voices, which also need to be heard.

#Mastodon #ideas

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We are currently having a discussion on the F-Droid forum about letting apps toot to the Fediverse. This would be used to share app changelogs, and eventually display comments from the Fediverse inside the F-Droid app. Unfortunately, none of us has experience with Mastodon/Pleroma development, so it would be very helpful if a developer could give some input.

The thread is rather long, so feel free to make a comment here or on the forum and we will give you specific questions we have.

#mastodev #pleromadev #fdroid

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Im #CR249 hat @monoxyd mit @leah, @rixx, @henningkrause und @blizzz über das dezentrale Netz im allgemeinen und Mastodon und im Speziellen gesprochen. Mit @nextcloud Exkurs. Jetzt auch als Podcast:

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