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And again there is a new out for .
What do you think and what does the say?

So grab it, try it and find quite some cool not mentioned in the .

Minecraft Snapshot 20w06a

The first of the is available including new Biomes, lots of Blocks and even some gear.
Try it out now or find some more information here:

Of course gave us a picture with his perspective of the

Maybe we will see an soon?

CraftBian users, Spigot for Minecraft version 1.15 is our and available. CRAFTQuest's source of the server file is, also.

#CRAFTQuest #craftbian #raspberrypi #linux #diy #server #Minecraft #mojang #windows #linuxmint #spigotmc

A key difference I've noticed between #PokemonGo & a couple of short sessions in #MinecraftEarth is that the world of MCE is a lot denser than PG.

With PG, you have fixed locations for supplies & combat. It's all about getting you out to walk that distance & find Pokemon along the way.

With MCE, *everything* is randomly placed, closer together, & visible from farther away: resources, mobs, adventures. And you can use a build plate anywhere. It feels like you could play it in a smaller space.

Finaly the is out in a lot of countries. See you out there and always stay safe!

Minecon Live is right now.
Be part of it, vote for a biom and enjoy the show!

If you want to try out the new feature:
With the seed 1344410885680648259 you get a beautiful village, three hives and horses next to your spawn =)

You are welcome to post some screenshots of you explorations too ;-)

Any of our members experienced #Minecraft builders or server admins?

If so, please DM me, as I may have a proposition for you. 😃

. @warpgate9 and I run a community #Minecraft server, . It's family-friendly, we have teeny tiny childlings playing there with their parents/siblings, and it's LGBTQ friendly and autism friendly (and just generally fosters a community of respect). It's a very kind, warm environment to play in. If you play Minecraft and want an inclusive and welcoming server to play on, check us out. :)

If you use to add some functionality to your you also can update to version 1.14.4 now. and his team have been realy quick with this one!

Find the information about 1.14.4 on:

1.14.4 has been released for . Lots of bug fixes and quite some performance improvements.
Go, and update your Server / GameWorld.

Infos about the can be found here:

By the way:
If you catch up some interessing then you are welcome to toot them here to @minecraft
I gladly retoot any good piece of , , and .

We all are a - Let's life and share it here on

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