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makes resetting my phone quite a terrible experience. Their business logic to require a phone number is so annoying.

Want to use WhatsApp? Verify a phone number! Your device does not have a phone number? Wait a couple of minutes and we let you enter the SMS code from another device.

Want to restore a backup? Delete all data and verify the phone number! You don’t have the phone number from when the backup was created? Too bad, won’t restore!

Through my employer I got in contact with a blind user of our web app. Learning about web accessibility gave me lots of interesting tasks at work.

We built our inputs using <div> to implement our designers awesome designs. Sadly, this way we lost the native accessibility support of checkboxes, radio buttons and buttons. Using the HTML5 aria properties we can now restore the accessibility, while keeping our neat visuals. 😎

Does anyone know cafes or restaurants in their area which could be tagged with diet:paleo=yes on ?

The Paleo diet is also called caveman or stone-age diet and limits to those foods consumed by humans in the Paleolithic era.

I enjoy a local cafe which advertises this diet. I would like to know, if there are more places supporting the paleo diet.

The Shipyards in North Vancouver are a great location for the regular markets and to eat dinner.

The area has changed a lot in the last year. Today I took the time to update the area on (OSM).
Thanks to all OSM contributors of the area!

Facebook has a handy list of screen readers which they expect people to use.
They list JAWS, NVDA, TalkBack, Voice Assistant, VoiceOver, Window-Eyes, and Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

Not quite sure what this Credly service is worth, but I received a badge for completing the online course about Web Accessibility.

I can highly recommend to learn how to use a screen reader. To experience how inaccessible the web can be is – pun intended – eye-opening. 🥁

Last weekend I got the RPG Maker MV from the Humble Bundle. I was excited to see that the new editor runs on Linux.

The customization is a lot more sophisticated, and it can export to a lot of systems now – including Linux, Android, and HTML5.

The client starts slowly on my laptop and steals the focus two times while starting. It pushes a new window to the front, interrupting me while I type or select text in other applications.

I am using the Gnome 3 desktop environment, which is the standard on Ubuntu. Applications stealing the focus is not the common UI pattern and I find it to be annoying.

This Pokémon Trainer Bot for Mastodon my final entry for this year.
I had so many ideas that did not make it into the bot yet. Maybe I will find some more time to work on it later. 😁

If you want to try something new in programming (or art creation), I suggest to join a (game) jam. It’s a contest of creating something new to a given theme within a given time span.

You can find lots of them here:

Just renewed my OpenStreetMap Foundation membership for the second year. May the £ 15 help the map and the foundation’s board. This is such a great project to be a part of.

Anyone else participating in ? There are five days left to contribute to Open Source on GitHub and receive a t-shirt.

Thanks to Florian Müllner’s post, I can remove the Gnome 3 extension AlternateTab. Florian is a developer for Gnome and the author of the extension.

AlternateTab allows to press Alt-Tab to switch between windows on the current workspace instead of applications (windows get grouped) on all workspaces.

The effect can be achieved with a shortcut reassignment.

Every time I install update Gnome 3, I fear that some essential extensions won’t work anymore.
Unmaintained extensions and a slow review process in the official store are huge issues.

I like Gnome 3, however, I rely on a handful extensions for it to be usable.

Mappy Hour (the Greater Vancouver, BC meetup) starts in 15 minutes. I am excited to meet the new people who signed up for today.

With a new release of the terminal map Mapscii coming closer, I have to think about attribution to the new contributors.

My current plan is to add them to the MIT licence file in the repository.

Any comments?

I am looking forward to Glow In the Garden at VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver, BC. This year the light decorations have have the theme of the classic tale Hänsel and Grete.

My Pokémon trainer on Mastodon should be able to interact with other users. I plan to have the trainer react to recommendations of where to go, what to buy, what Pokémon to catch, which to train, and who to battle against.

I even intent the trainer to request ideas for Pokémon nicknames. New nicknames may require my approval though…

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