@karlos You cannot assume that `/` and `/index.html` are the same. Setting breakpoints should work in both cases, but the resource label `(index)` is correct in my opinion.

A few weeks ago, I met Jenna who educates on the often misunderstood capabilities of people. She debunks myths like "blindies" not being able to live on their own and tells you when it is ok to interact with her guide dog.

I recommend reading her blog where many questions around get answered.

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🌱 Seeds is an annual zine about generative things - art, code, games, crafts, anything you're into and want to tell other people about! 🌱

Issue 4 is now open for submissions! All the info, plus links to earlier issues, here: procjam.com/seeds/submit/ #procjam #procgen

🐦🔗: twitter.com/mtrc/status/114861

Walking into a local store and an employee runs up to me with a clipboard asking me to sign my consent for the store to process my private data and also says that if I continue to hang out in the store I'm giving my consent implicitly, and I just try to ignore them but they keep shoving the clipboard in my face as I'm looking around the store

@art @pony @trickster I find it important that the people caring about usability, accessibility and privacy participate in these early IoT discussions with the bigger vendors.
We have good chances to prevent these almost unusable workflows from being baked into everyday devices.

@pony @art @trickster TP-Link has the pattern of turning the bulb off and on three times in a fairly short duration. I can see how playing children may trigger this, which is a super valid point as we should design with children in mind. Still I think there is a case for teaching them not to play with the house electronics and giving them access to the IoT switch.
I have never triggered this accidentally nor have any visitors.

Federation of issues and merge requests between Gitea and GitLab instances would be helpful to combine efforts in a rightfully fragmented world of open source development.

is a protocol based on ActivityPub to solve this. If you're interested, join its discussion!

The Starlink satellites have the potential to end ground based (that is comparatively inexpensive) astronomy. This includes degrading the search for hazardous asteroids. evl.link/h4

@rzr For the discovery of , I think that a website is the best option.

You may search for elements by name, as you do on the official website of OpenStreetMap.

Clicking on an element would reveal its WebThings and their URL to copy & paste into your controller.

A test server for virtual OpenStreetMap-WebThings is running. It tells you whether your favourite restaurant or library is open, and lets you use that information for home automation.

For the data, I have to get timezones and regional holidays working. And for the connection, I will have to get bandwidth limits in and WebSocket subscriptions in working.

If anyone is keen to become an alpha tester, contact me. I am looking for feedback on models, properties, and user cases.

I scheduled another meetup in .
On Thu, 16th May the Vancouver Public Space Network (VPSN) will present their projects around rating the "publicness" of buildings.

They are looking for volunteer web developers. Projects include web services to distribute their findings and allowing others to rate based on five building traits.


@sid I plan to host a flagship instance once it's stable and caching is working. 👍
Deploying should be optional.

As I just started three hours ago, that may take me a few days to a few weekends.

The opening hours are working with a prototype server. The Mozilla Things gateway can be pointed at a URL like /way/92406904/opening_hours to get the state of any element. The server will request the element, read the opening_hours tag and determine the current state.


Got the great idea to make every Point of Interest in a .
People could use the opening hours of their library, the happy hours of their favourite restaurant or the sun colour at their loved one's place
for home automation.

Continuing @roller_coaster_challenge, I am adding support for drawing challenge and solution cards.

The cards are generated with node.js outputting SVG strings. For easier styling I will add support for reading in external SVG templates like this challenge card.

In an attempt to finish the script behind @roller_coaster_challenge, I created a track file containing all track pieces for visual debugging.

Glad you liked it, @freedomboxfndn. Is the FreedomBox a possible platform for a local Web of Things gateway or virtual things?

We learned a lot at #LinuxFest this weekend. Thanks to the conference organizers!

We loved hearing from the audience at our session about #FreedomBox and Personal Autonomy. We also loved learning more about other projects, like @mozilla's WebThings Gateway (shout-out to @jaller94 for his talk about re-claiming his IoT data!)

We can't wait until next year!

1. How many screens do you use?
2./3. What's your total pixel count? / Total display surface?
1366 x 768

If a window cannot be smaller than 720 px in height, I sometimes have to overwrite the DPI setting in XFCE. I also use a couple of websites scaled down to unlock the desktop layout.

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