@lilo Web development has become very complicated and all those frameworks are a blessing and part of the issue at the same time.

The good thing is that any contact will teach you standards and paradigms, common to all of these specializations. And for every specialization there are plenty of jobs, so you don't have to worry as much where your interests or tasks at work take you.

@blunaxela I'll be attending LinuxFest NorthWest this weekend.
What are your plans?

@aurochs Yes, the podcast Nothing But The Toot is in English.

@aurochs Nbtt is an abbreviation of the podcast "Nothing But The Toot", which interviewed Mastodon users in the first months of 2019.


Looking for people to share accommodation during the NorthWest from Fri, 26th - Sun, 28th April 2019 in , WA.

The compromise of the Matrix.org home server is a great read for everyone interested in , specifically cloud security.


Halfway through Geese Week I still have plenty to build on our browser extension.
The check in page loads data from the server now and all inputs have labels for accessibility.

Next up I have to make sure data is stored in the browser's local storage to avoid losing a user's progress. Implementing our design is last, but it will also have to happen until Friday's internal project demos. Better hurry. 馃弮鈥嶁檪锔

@pinkprius How comes the picture has the logo of the City of Vancouver, BC on it?

Day 2 of updating the browser extension:
Yesterday I split all code into its own repository. This is also important for others to build the extension.
Did you know: All Firefox extensions must provide code to Mozilla for them to allow it in their extension store?

Today I will make the check in page work. On this page one can update their Objective Key Results () to share progress with coworkers.
The current draft is too bulky, is missing labels and only loads placeholders.

It's Geese Week at my workplace ! The first week in a quarter we can work on a project of our choice.

My goal is to release an update of our browser extension. We already made many improvements but didn't finish a stable release.

Today's goal is to move all code into its own repository.

Most websites track you online. They should ask for your consent!

Klaro is a consent manager for websites. It gives users control over third party tracking, cookies and other privacy settings.

Ask your favourite website to respect your privacy choices by adding Klaro!


When mapping in the key wheelchair=yes/limited/no/designated is well-known. There are other features like road conditions, sidewalks, stairs, crossings, tactile paving, kerbs, audible traffic signals and ease of navigation on trails which can be mapped.

for Android makes it easy to add new data:

Open the settings and choose which "quests" you wish to answer.

has lots of data.

Most of the data is not visible in the default style. Projects like Wheelmap make some accessibility data visible.


I have a research degree in computational linguistics and studied #AI.

Dear MEPs, please believe me that #uploadfilters won't work well enough in the foreseeable future to guarantee freedom of speech if #article13 aka #article17 remains part of the #CopyrightDirective.


A coworker received a phishing email. It tried to steal their login credentials of the DocuSign service.

Stay safe by verifying links go to a URL you expected. Hover links with your mouse to see the URL. On mobile phones hold the link.

@3rik @fsfe
I find it problematic to call "use, study, share & remix" freedoms of the Internet.
The Internet is just one way of communication and our general freedoms should be applicable to global distributions channels like the Internet.

Can it be that "the Internet" stands for a distribution without the restriction to specific recipients?

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