is the public transport company for the Greater area. In we had hundreds of issues with the reference codes of bus stops.

As of today, we finally resolved all duplicate reference codes and those where the reference code was mapped as a name. That’s a great win for the quality of the map data. 🚌 🚐 🚎

I resolved about 40 notes in the Vancouver / Burnaby area. Resolving notes by adding buildings, editing addresses or dismissing invalid notes helps other volunteers to focus on the remaining work.

You can view reported issues by enabling the OSM Notes layer on and some mobile apps, like OsmAnd. Help to keep your neighbourhood up-to-date!

Every morning I get an update about the amount of bus stops and fire hydrants in my local mapping area.

Join my Matrix channel, if you are mapping in the area:

For the last four hours I have been configuring the desktop environment to fit my preferences. I am highly considering to ditch the Gnome 3 Shell because of its complexity, instabilities and my reliance on several extensions.

XFCE is super fast and highly configurable. I am surprised by how great it runs and how easy it is to add shortcuts. Furthermore, I don’t seem to need any non-standard extensions. 🎉

When I ask my computer for randomization, I usually get the same entries repeated multiple times.

Guess I will have to write a function which remembers the last couple of entries, to re-run the post generation in those cases.

@gled Cool service!

I have the problem the activity visibility setting. It updates sometimes but takes several attempts or so. I am not sure what the issue is.

1. Go to the settings page
2. Change it to public / private
3. Refresh the page

Most often the setting did not get applied even though all REST calls were successful.

Is that a bug you can reproduce / we can file?

The Shipyards in North Vancouver are a great location for the regular markets and to eat dinner.

The area has changed a lot in the last year. Today I took the time to update the area on (OSM).
Thanks to all OSM contributors of the area!

Facebook has a handy list of screen readers which they expect people to use.
They list JAWS, NVDA, TalkBack, Voice Assistant, VoiceOver, Window-Eyes, and Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

Last weekend I got the RPG Maker MV from the Humble Bundle. I was excited to see that the new editor runs on Linux.

The customization is a lot more sophisticated, and it can export to a lot of systems now – including Linux, Android, and HTML5.

The client starts slowly on my laptop and steals the focus two times while starting. It pushes a new window to the front, interrupting me while I type or select text in other applications.

I am using the Gnome 3 desktop environment, which is the standard on Ubuntu. Applications stealing the focus is not the common UI pattern and I find it to be annoying.

Every time I install update Gnome 3, I fear that some essential extensions won’t work anymore.
Unmaintained extensions and a slow review process in the official store are huge issues.

I like Gnome 3, however, I rely on a handful extensions for it to be usable.

I am looking forward to Glow In the Garden at VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver, BC. This year the light decorations have have the theme of the classic tale Hänsel and Grete.

Steam’s Proton compatibility tool is bringing Windows-only video games to Linux. Those titles can be identified by a "Runs on this computer via Steam Play" notice.

You can enable the experimental support for all your games. If a game does not run out of the box but you get it working, please write a guide for it.
Here is a guide I wrote for Iron Grip: Warlord:

Check out the list of historic monuments in your town on ! They are looking for contributions and everyone is welcome to document the history of their town.

This image shows the former Edward Hotel from 1906 in ’s historic core of .

I added the various opening hours to all 21 branches of the in .
Hope this makes you find your next best read. 📚

My favourite theme for a Mastodon instance:

Remember, in the password field: non-'e' letters are fine.

This is what a Mozilla Things Gateway can look like:
A Raspberry Pi running the gateway and a laptop or phone to control your devices via a web browser.

Click here to access the SD card image and the documentation:

Just updated my gateway to version 0.5. The new capabilities feature allows rules to have multiple inputs and outputs. 🍾

This might have become the most official container in all of . It now has its own footpath.

At what point should I map it in ? :D

Location: geo:49.24403,-123.044945?z=21

At the we’ve been wondering whether the fire hydrants in Vancouver’s Downtown start with the digit 0 or the letter O.

It’s the letter and they seem to be assigned from West to East.

Map from OpenStreetMap contributors; Hydrant locations from Vancouver’s open data catalogue.

F and T are not rendered as Mapbox understood F as False and T as True.

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