The opening hours are working with a prototype server. The Mozilla Things gateway can be pointed at a URL like /way/92406904/opening_hours to get the state of any element. The server will request the element, read the opening_hours tag and determine the current state.

Continuing @roller_coaster_challenge, I am adding support for drawing challenge and solution cards.

The cards are generated with node.js outputting SVG strings. For easier styling I will add support for reading in external SVG templates like this challenge card.

In an attempt to finish the script behind @roller_coaster_challenge, I created a track file containing all track pieces for visual debugging.

Halfway through Geese Week I still have plenty to build on our browser extension.
The check in page loads data from the server now and all inputs have labels for accessibility.

Next up I have to make sure data is stored in the browser's local storage to avoid losing a user's progress. Implementing our design is last, but it will also have to happen until Friday's internal project demos. Better hurry. 🏃‍♂️

Day 2 of updating the browser extension:
Yesterday I split all code into its own repository. This is also important for others to build the extension.
Did you know: All Firefox extensions must provide code to Mozilla for them to allow it in their extension store?

Today I will make the check in page work. On this page one can update their Objective Key Results () to share progress with coworkers.
The current draft is too bulky, is missing labels and only loads placeholders.

It's Geese Week at my workplace ! The first week in a quarter we can work on a project of our choice.

My goal is to release an update of our browser extension. We already made many improvements but didn't finish a stable release.

Today's goal is to move all code into its own repository.

Most websites track you online. They should ask for your consent!

Klaro is a consent manager for websites. It gives users control over third party tracking, cookies and other privacy settings.

Ask your favourite website to respect your privacy choices by adding Klaro!

has lots of data.

Most of the data is not visible in the default style. Projects like Wheelmap make some accessibility data visible.

A coworker received a phishing email. It tried to steal their login credentials of the DocuSign service.

Stay safe by verifying links go to a URL you expected. Hover links with your mouse to see the URL. On mobile phones hold the link.

I set up a server for the .org chat protocol.

Instead of manually installing the server, the playbook can configure it for me. If I wish to change the server, I just re-run the playbook to configure new or existing servers.

A few weeks ago I bought myself a building game called Roller Coaster Challenge. It’s a puzzle toy where you have to complete simple tracks for a marble to travel down. 🎢

Instead of solving the 40 bundled puzzles, I thought it would be more fun to generate my own.
Here is the first procedurally generated track.
After some bugs got fixed, I can set up a Mastodon bot for daily, random challenges.

Because decentral hosting of version control systems has become more mainstream, I wonder if someone already wrote a script to combine contribution graphs from instances, instances, GitHub and so on.
I would like to compile it daily and host it on my website.

is the public transport company for the Greater area. In we had hundreds of issues with the reference codes of bus stops.

As of today, we finally resolved all duplicate reference codes and those where the reference code was mapped as a name. That’s a great win for the quality of the map data. 🚌 🚐 🚎

I resolved about 40 notes in the Vancouver / Burnaby area. Resolving notes by adding buildings, editing addresses or dismissing invalid notes helps other volunteers to focus on the remaining work.

You can view reported issues by enabling the OSM Notes layer on and some mobile apps, like OsmAnd. Help to keep your neighbourhood up-to-date!

Every morning I get an update about the amount of bus stops and fire hydrants in my local mapping area.

Join my Matrix channel, if you are mapping in the area:

For the last four hours I have been configuring the desktop environment to fit my preferences. I am highly considering to ditch the Gnome 3 Shell because of its complexity, instabilities and my reliance on several extensions.

XFCE is super fast and highly configurable. I am surprised by how great it runs and how easy it is to add shortcuts. Furthermore, I don’t seem to need any non-standard extensions. 🎉

When I ask my computer for randomization, I usually get the same entries repeated multiple times.

Guess I will have to write a function which remembers the last couple of entries, to re-run the post generation in those cases.

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