In the beginning of this year I joined New Vector (the company behind ) to improve the state of instant messaging. The open-source mindset is exactly what I had been looking for and I'm very happy to be able to work on Matrix full-time.

Today we renamed to .

@jaller94 wow thanks! I am happy to reshare this right from the original developer himself.

So #element is a new name of #riot,
a (almost new) application to communicate
by the (not that new) #matrix,
a sub-network of the (good old) #fediverse.

And my posts are
end2end encrypted
stored on my „own“ server (sounds like #solid by inrupt)

As you start with iOS now, could you also consider to compile it to #webassembly, running on (m)any browser as a web app/PWA?

@karlos This is still very experimental, but the P2P demo runs a server inside your browser.
It's the new homeserver compiled to wasm.

Are you sure that there are no conflicting brands?
Or is this the merchandise for you?

And I hope that you make @elementary the reference for end user experience testing :-)

Joking aside, great to see it all around #matrix coming into its next phase.

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