Got the great idea to make every Point of Interest in a .
People could use the opening hours of their library, the happy hours of their favourite restaurant or the sun colour at their loved one's place
for home automation.


The opening hours are working with a prototype server. The Mozilla Things gateway can be pointed at a URL like /way/92406904/opening_hours to get the state of any element. The server will request the element, read the opening_hours tag and determine the current state.

@jaller94 is there a flagship instance to test it without having to deploy it?

@sid I plan to host a flagship instance once it's stable and caching is working. 👍
Deploying should be optional.

As I just started three hours ago, that may take me a few days to a few weekends.

I see, thanks for clarifying
Keep up the good work!

A test server for virtual OpenStreetMap-WebThings is running. It tells you whether your favourite restaurant or library is open, and lets you use that information for home automation.

For the data, I have to get timezones and regional holidays working. And for the connection, I will have to get bandwidth limits in and WebSocket subscriptions in working.

If anyone is keen to become an alpha tester, contact me. I am looking for feedback on models, properties, and user cases.

@rzr For the discovery of , I think that a website is the best option.

You may search for elements by name, as you do on the official website of OpenStreetMap.

Clicking on an element would reveal its WebThings and their URL to copy & paste into your controller.

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