@gled Cool service!

I have the problem the activity visibility setting. It updates sometimes but takes several attempts or so. I am not sure what the issue is.

1. Go to the settings page
2. Change it to public / private
3. Refresh the page

Most often the setting did not get applied even though all REST calls were successful.

Is that a bug you can reproduce / we can file?

@jaller94 seems like a cache issue. If you refresh twice after changing the setting, the setting shows as updated to the value you set no ?

@gled You are right, refreshing the page twice works.
Even when using the cache-less hard-refresh of my browser it takes two refreshes to change.

Is that potentially a backend cache you are referring to?

Need to check further to be able to tell, but I suspect a nginx cache for now

@jaller94 @gled I can reproduce, I'll prepare a fix for that, thank you for the report :)



Not even the time to check if it was nginx caching :)

Thanks Eliot, you rock as always !!!

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