I love the @fdroidorg app store for Android. In my mind screenshots add a lot of value to the listings.

That’s why today I’m going to submit PRs to a couple of app repos to add screenshots.

The PRs for and are already sent:

@jaller94 Thank you very much for the contribution. The really looks like a unifying way to store metadata for both F-Droid and Google Play, both of which #AndStatus uses.
I was especially impressed by the tool's (advertized...) feature "fastlane supply init: download metadata for an existing app to a local directory", which I understand as ability to initialize metadata with what is already stored in Play Store...
As you may know, AndStatus already has quite a lot of screenshots in Google Play Store plus several (duplicating them...) - in AndStatus Wiki repository, see:
It would be good to synchronize them, store in a single location and make available for all usages.
This is why I think that I should start with importing existing images / metadata from Google Play Store, and only after that update that images (if necessary) with your contributed screenshots.
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