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It's done! My game for 2019 is submitted.
I wish it hadn't taken the night to finish, but I feel great about the features and graphics I got in.

Give it a try:

Reports of current facial recognition being inaccurate distract from the problems of mass .

The question shouldn't be how to make these systems more accurate, but to what degree they are compatible with human rights and our ideals of a free society.

Hey #fosdem hackers! We want legislation requiring that publicly financed software be made available under a #FreeSoftware licence!

More and more people join this deamand every day. Do so as well and sign our open letter:


I'll be speaking in half an hour (11:10) in the room.

Learn how to build a adapter to access local devices through the Internet! The standard used is being drafted by and the .

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Happy to be in Brussels for !

At least three talks will cover the , including mine about how to write an adapter to bridge your local devices to the web.

Do you know a dataset of common ?
I'm looking for "Ok", "Abort", etc. in French, Finnish, Russian and so on.

calendar of coding challenges which can be completed in any programming language:

After "IKEA or Death Metal" and "My Little Pony or Porn Star", here comes:


Can you guess what it is by its name?
Try this one: Azkaban

Looking for developer in :
At we're looking for a senior back-end developer writing in . We help organizations with GDPR-compliant data processing by protecting their sensitive data (e.g. with pseudonymization and anonymization).

Feel free to contact me here for any questions about us or the role.

The (old?) Mastodon outward Atom/RSS-Feed dosn't work any more. Has it changed?
I can't find a documentation (except the Git source)

released a great episode on yesterday.
They point out many reasons why having digital voting systems puts an election at risk to errors and manipulation.

I believe that our German paper-based system is one of the best procedures we can have. Remember, you also have the option to watch the volunteers counting afterwards.

Zell am See is a lovely town in Austria with a lift that took me up the mountain. The outlook is perfect! I may fly back down on my own while enjoying the views.

My friends from have scheduled their next meetup on Tu, 19th Nov.

Join them to learn about the new portal of :

If interests you in , there is a similar meetup on Mo, 11th Nov:

With the new month of November starts the , a variation of the which has you write a program that generates 50,000 words.

I plan to participate but have several ideas. Within a few days I need to decide on one idea to focus on shipping a novel at the end of this month.

Here are five awesome entries of the past years which I will definitely take inspiration from:

I wrote a tiny gtk application at yesterday's meetup in . It asks a web server for the computer's IP and makes the response become the label of a button.
The button was part of the example at

At we build tools to analyse pseudonymized and anonymized data.
When I got a colour scale wrong, the animation of some geographical data looked like a giant game of Simon Says.

This awesome generator provides you with a set of up to 32 cards about any topic on .

Sadly, many topics are missing comparable data, which is why I would like you to add data about your favourite topics.

How about e-mail clients, Mastodon instances or Hacker camps?

One project at CityLab Berlin's exhibition is a procedural city layout generator. A large pen plotter draws a new city every day.

CC @bleeptrack

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