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I will be at from today (Wed, 2019-08-21) to Sunday.

Last batch of procedurally generated stickers nearly finished #cccamp2019

One village wears their t-shirts at every occasion.

"Excuse me, may I have a second to tell you about our lord and savior ?"

How To Promote Real Social Good - "We believe that consumers who really care about their freedom, privacy, and security, or other issues like climate change, seek out companies like ours that exist, first and foremost, to do something important that can better people’s lives." #purism

A Fediverse-Meetup starts in 10 minutes at the .
Friday, August 23, 2019 16:30, Village:Chaos-West

Plenty of -related stickers arrived at the sticker boxes.

Location: geo:53.030384,13.305437

Working again on my @roller_coaster_challenge bot. The "Add to Grid" section is in early development. Items are not correctly placed yet.

I will be at from today (Wed, 2019-08-21) to Sunday.

Still working on the feel of my game. Showing the words in advance will make the typing much easier.

I'm back to working on my game "We fight back".
Today there is a meetup in for the , so I went there to exchange ideas with others.

I wonder, if a city park manager would make a good . You could
- plant trees, grass and flower beds,
- design foot and bike paths and deal with desire paths,
- fight condo developers for space,
- schedule park events,
- sort out living spaces for wild animals,
- remove invasive plants and
- clean up cigarette butts (Looking at you, 👋).

Challenges could be caused by the surroundings, like new buildings changing people's movement patterns or casting long shadows.

And this concludes day 2 of the game jam. As of today, my zip file is 2122 byes in size. That gives me plenty of space to put cool features, graphics and audio before hitting the limit of 13 kilobytes.

The latest version of my game will from now on be hosted on:

After ripping out project-specific code, I started implementing the typing logic. Next, I need to validate the game play, before I start the visuals and audio.

How do I teach the player the game play?
Do my lists of phrases make the game fun?
How many words to display in advance?
Will one have to start over a word on a bad character?
How much time do I give the player per level?

Step 1 was to make some notes about what the game is going to be. Getting set on an idea is a crucial step for me, as the last times I participated in the I kept changing and expanding the game idea – even when the first version was not working yet.

Attached are my notes with the game setting and some phrases the player will have to type. The phrases will tell the story of my apocalyptic world.

My game for the will be an apocalyptic . It will start with a monster breaking through the town's barrier, chasing towards the town's centre to eat all residents.
You are a soldier and the town's last defence. As you retreat back, typing displayed words will damage the monster. Hopefully you can stop it before it reaches your loved ones!

The game jam started and this year's theme is "back". Build whatever you come up with in JavaScript and make the zipped bundle no bigger than 13 kilobytes.
The deadline is on 13 September.

There are two special categories: and .

Good luck everyone and post your updates on the Fediverse!

Tomorrow (13th August) the jam will start. I'm excited for the announcement of this year's theme.
Anyone else joining?

I'm going to be a at the conference 2019 in Berlin on Sat, 14th and Sun, 15th September.

Who else is going, using Nextcloud or hosting their own cloud?

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