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Christian Paul

This is what a Mozilla Things Gateway can look like:
A Raspberry Pi running the gateway and a laptop or phone to control your devices via a web browser.

Click here to access the SD card image and the documentation:

I have developed some that you can run on a home server (e.g. Raspberry Pi) and connect to the Mozilla Things Gateway.

Want to turn on a light bulb in the morning on weekdays? Come this way!
Want to change the colour of your light based on the server’s free memory? Sounds badass.

Happy 14th anniversary, ! 🎂
Let‘s make you even more useful in , BC this year.

I have got a script for local quality control in the making.
Currently hosted at:

Also, next week I am going to meet a group interested in mapping accessibility issues. While they might not wish to use OSM, I am happy to help with any open mapping project in the community.

Thanks to the shirt from last year, a coworker mentioned that 2018 has started. I plan to write a small 2D RPG.

Just updated my gateway to version 0.5. The new capabilities feature allows rules to have multiple inputs and outputs. 🍾

The example also starts with 35 MB RAM usage. However, the chance that it will become a browser-supported standard is very promising.

A plain-ES6 prototype of my contacts consumes ~18 MB RAM.

To get it to a more maintainable state, I looked into switching to React. However, even the example starts at a usage of 36 MB RAM.

Are there any lightweight frameworks to built web components yet? What about Polymer?

I just started a bounty of 250€ for #Peertube support in #Newpipe. Check the issue for detailed information:

@Framasoft please share :)

Do you know someone who uses or any other to navigate websites?

Me and others devs and product managers at work would like to improve our knowledge about on the web.

This might have become the most official container in all of . It now has its own footpath.

At what point should I map it in ? :D

Location: geo:49.24403,-123.044945?z=21

At the we’ve been wondering whether the fire hydrants in Vancouver’s Downtown start with the digit 0 or the letter O.

It’s the letter and they seem to be assigned from West to East.

Map from OpenStreetMap contributors; Hydrant locations from Vancouver’s open data catalogue.

F and T are not rendered as Mapbox understood F as False and T as True.

Vancouver, BC has three subsystems for fire hydrants. Their abbreviations in the city’s data set are DSTR (red), DFPS (blue) and TRNS (black).

If you wish to see all three of them in one street crossing, go to W Pender St & Homer St.

A map of all 6504 fire hydrants in , BC.

Map data from contributors
Hydrant locations from Vancouver’s open data catalogue:

The Humble Store gives away Guns of Icarus: Alliance for the next 32 hours for . (Steam account required)

I loved the game and the Alliance DLC introduced a fun PvE mode and new content. Hope to get the old group together this weekend for a round of gaming.

I need work. If you have use for software development in Python or C, on Linux or Debian, I'm available: short-term contracts, or part-time or full-time employment. I can do coding, and software architecture. I can work remotely. I reside in Finland, if that matters.

I had a great time at the 11th Vancouver meetup tonight.

We had three awesome speakers.
* Veronika Bylicki and Tesicca Truong from CityHive spoke about engaging the population younger than 30 in their city's strategic decisions.
* Steve Anderson from New/Mode talked about his experiences of getting a wider audience engaged through an online campaign.

Join us next month:

I'm seriously impressed by the app 'andOTP' I found on @fdroidorg !
- You're able to export your tokens (encrypted <3, but it would also nice if I'd be able to choose my own keys not a dummy key for
- You can set custom icons
- you can group your OTP tokens so it's easier to find them when you need them

Sliding through the world of #OpenStreetMap, rendered in 3D
(I will show you how)

For those living in , BC or nearby: The Hastings Racecourse holds their annual races this weekend.

The weather is gorgeous and two heats of dog already raced. It’s super cute and suitable for children.