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It's done! My game for 2019 is submitted.
I wish it hadn't taken the night to finish, but I feel great about the features and graphics I got in.

Give it a try:

As much as I would like to ditch I don't see that as an option yet.
My best friends and family are all using WhatsApp with no intentions on switching to another service. It's simple, convenient and works for us. I hate that it's proprietary, owned by and by default has access to your contacts, however, my contacts are not going to migrate without keeping WhatsApp around.

It's necessary to fix Facebook and WhatsApp rather than telling everyone to "go switch".

I'm working on a on the web.
Now the player can place ships and attack the computer enemy.
For debugging purposes you can see the enemy's ships in this recording.

Part of me feel anxious when I contradict myself or correct previous statements about my world.
However, I get better with every story and highly recommend Dungeons and Dragons as a game that improves your story telling skills.

I'm looking forward to next Saturday when our current adventure will come to a conclusion. It's time for a puzzle and a boss. 😈

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Dungeons and Dragons is a great way for me to stay in touch with some of my friends in Vancouver. As the Dungeon Master it challenges me to tell a compelling story while keeping track of a dynamic, fictional world.

A recording of me carrying the gnome through all levels can be found on YouTube. I had to split it into two parts with a minute of gameplay missing because of a crashing bug they introduced today. πŸ™ˆ

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A few hours before Gabe Newell sends a garden gnome into actual space, I played through Half Life 2: Episode Two to get "Little Rocket Man". What started as a bonus achievement now becomes a charity event.

I ended up not posting about the development of my entry for , but here it is:
Boat racing 404

So far I've submitted two games to . "Fly South" in 2017 and "We fight back" in 2019.

"We fight back" had been a huge improvement, with less bugs, better graphics, some ((terrible)) sound effects and multiple levels. Early feedback from my coworkers helped the game to be fun and challenging.

Within a month from now I will program at least one game as part of the game jam. I will post my progress on this account.

The goal is to write a game in that's not bigger than 13 kibibytes (13,321 bytes) when zipped, including all libraries, sounds and graphics.

In the beginning of this year I joined New Vector (the company behind ) to improve the state of instant messaging. The open-source mindset is exactly what I had been looking for and I'm very happy to be able to work on Matrix full-time.

Today we renamed to .

If you weren't able to join us live for Open Tech Will Save Us #2, remember you can still watch the stream recording - catch up with Mike Hoye, Eugen from Mastodon and a cracking Dendrite demo (it's working well!) #matrix #otwsu

Day 255 after my return from πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ to πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ:

Still struggling with most light switches of bath rooms being outside the bath room.

Before leaving your home, check if your reason is worth the added risk and if it's legal in your area to leave your home for that reason.

In hindsight, taking photos is not a good reason to go outside if it exposes you to other people or surfaces other people have touched.

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What useful or fun activities do you do while staying home?

I've started to organize and edit photos of past vacations.

Less people using the public transport does not make it more ok to smoke in a train station.
Please mind the people around you.

The streets are less busy due to the virus. It may be a good time to take photos for and .
Taking photos is a fun outdoor activity to do by yourself while public events are suspended.

Otherwise, .

We're thrilled to welcome Mozilla to the Matrix federation! Moznet IRC was disabled yesterday, so come join Mozilla on Matrix!

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