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Christian Paul

Of course, there is another for .

Anyone already building a personal voice assistant🤖 that runs in the browser?


There is going to be a for speech synthesis?? That’s awesome!! 🤩

Besides fun features and online voice bots, it sounds like this could be useful for accessibility features.



A new week is about to start. Do something for your workflow!
GitHub supports multiple issue templates with a fancy picker.

The dialog seen in the picture:

The template files in the repository:

🥕 and 🐘 are going to have screenshots in their F-Droid listing starting with their next releases. 🎉

The world is full of brave men and women who are not afraid enough to offer online locating services and connected toys targeted towards kids in 2018. 🙃

I would not want to be the entrepreneur of a 'Find my child' app. If some data leaks, you’re in so much trouble. 😅

Or is that ok, because you expect the parents to install those apps and they should be aware of the risks of the Internet and accepting your Privacy Policy? 🤔

I love the @fdroidorg app store for Android. In my mind screenshots add a lot of value to the listings.

That’s why today I’m going to submit PRs to a couple of app repos to add screenshots.

The PRs for and are already sent:

I hope that one day I can have a phone with an open operating system. The looks super promising.
However, after all that has happened I remain skeptical until I see it work.

and forfeited in the mobile OS market. became weirdly closed. (I currently have one of their phones) started with a privacy-minded CyanogenMod and later sold its user base to several 'partners'.

Time to try out .

Tonight I mapped again in using the HOT Tasking Manager.

I mapped and verified blocks for the Tanzania Development Trust: Rungwe Kasulu Community Mapping Project. The map data is supposed to help NGOs to deal with humanitarian crises and to better facilitate disaster response.

The 2018 has started in the first countries. 10th + 11th May

I am very excited to participate over the next two days after work. 👨‍💻

There was a humanitarian mapping🗺️ meetup at the Mozilla office in Vancouver, BC yesterday. With beginners and advanced mappers we traced buildings from aerial imagery🛰️.

We mapped in the area of Pirojpur Sadar, Bangladesh🇧🇩 for a task created by the Amercian Red Cross.

Just coming back from a great presentation about the effect off CO2 on the earth’s future. 🌍🔥
The presentation was broadcasted to the H. R. MacMillan Space Centre in Vancouver🇨🇦 from Adler University in Colorado🇺🇲. The talk was not only broadcasted to nine planetariums🌌 but also on YouTube as a 360° live stream. Thanks to the Kavli Foundation.

I bought a t-shirt yesterday saying "Dance like no one is watching, encrypt like everyone is".

I just read about #commonsplatform, the title is "Social Media, Decentralized".
Sounds rather similar to the Fediverse.

Have a look

Then maybe have your say on their GitHub, it would be a missed opportunity if this platform would not interoperate with the Fediverse.

Quick reminder that everyone has data they should not be storing online.

The Rio Theatre in celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary on Tuesday. It was a fun night with a lot of awesome comedians as usual. I hope the Rio gets saved and not another place for condos.

A collection of things I made for people new to #Mastodon, based on questions I commonly see in the public timelines during influxes of new folks. :)

Privacy settings:

Local vs. federated timelines:

A two-way 🐘🐦 @crossposter:

How to find and interact with toots that haven't reached your instance yet:

Trending topics:

#FAQ #FAQs #mastopedia #tootorial #meta

Common Voice is great for those who want to help/use a vocal dataset.

Record your voice 🗣 to help future bots to understand you / your local accent.

Or train your own machine 🤖 using the existing dataset of voices. It’s currently 12 GB in size!

One open-source vocal assistant 🤖 already using the Common Voice project is .

For those interested in vocal bots, I recommend running the project on your own computer 💻. Within minutes you can get it running on a laptop and develop own skills (in Python). 👍