Every morning I get an update about the amount of bus stops and fire hydrants in my local mapping area.

Join my Matrix channel, if you are mapping in the area: -vancouver:matrix.org


To work on a activity monitor for Vancouver, I am currently at an meetup. The project is supposed to be a Mastodon bot for something I already have as a chat bot on Matrix.



Remember all those issues with npm ? The Java ecosystem has a different kind of those blog.autsoft.hu/a-confusing-de

I finally sat down to start with the Rust programming language. So far it looks promising.
That the recommended installation is a `curl | sh` command was a bit of a shock, as well as the NPM-like "crate" dependency system.

A cool feature of Crates.io is the list of known reverse dependencies. This way library developers might get a hint, if other developers stopped upgrading at a certain version.


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Issue templates help to improve the quality of bug reports and feature requests. GitLab supports those as well.

Here is a great example:

My fear of waking up one morning and reading that bought is way too high right now.

’s focus on Enterprise, Cloud, IoT and collaborations with MS makes it reasonable for them to be acquired.

In my opinion the Gnome 3 Shell is a beautiful, modern desktop environment. I love that it can be extended with languages I am familiar with from the web: CSS and JavaScript. It’s also great that it comes with awesome apps.

However, even with the Tweaks tool installed the Gnome Shell is missing configurations which I need to work efficiently (e.g. a panel with a window list). Non-standard extensions add these.

XCFE lets me use all awesome Gnome apps and gtk3+ features without the Gnome Shell.

For the last four hours I have been configuring the desktop environment to fit my preferences. I am highly considering to ditch the Gnome 3 Shell because of its complexity, instabilities and my reliance on several extensions.

XFCE is super fast and highly configurable. I am surprised by how great it runs and how easy it is to add shortcuts. Furthermore, I don’t seem to need any non-standard extensions. 🎉

Folks promoting decentralized networks should highlight great content both via the main stream networks as well as the promoted networks. If I had learned about Mastodon on birdsite, links to find great content should be on birdsite – not just a 'join network' link. It should also teach me how to find great content using only Mastodon. Are there accounts highlighting main stream content?

Fully decentralized networks operating on Scuttlebutt or IPFS should also focus on multi channel promotions.

Curated lists and search engines should be part of the onboarding for Mastodon, IPFS and Scuttlebutt networks. Mastodon subscribes you to your admin and IPFS tells you how to view a photo of a cat. These are not proper introductions to the contents of those networks and left me puzzled of where to discover more content! I wanted to adopt IPFS and Scuttlebutt several times, but the lack of up-to-date link lists are what kept me feeling empowered to find any content of interest.

If Mastodon had a search which would cover more content and profiles than my server sees, I would feel encouraged to switch to an even less populated server.

Federation relays are great to make a server feel less empty, however, they don’t satisfy my need for a search of structured content unknown to my home server.

As I am thinking about how a search engine for ActivityPub or Scuttlebutt networks would function, the idea of decentralization has crossed my mind. The benefits I see in that are mainly around the big workload of crawling and indexing thousands of servers and storing the data in a distributed database. Running it decentralized also plays into it.

In the end a centralized search might still be a great option for ActivityPub as having untrusted crawlers would require a verification layer.

I would love to see a Mastodon search where I can see who is posting in my geographical neighbourhood or expand to a new people talking about my interest.

In centralized social networks this is most commonly solved by using hashtags and a global search. In Mastodon your searches are limited to the federated content your server knows about.

It is not your server’s task to crawl and index all public content, however, a search engine could try this.

Next to search engines, curated lists of great profiles would be helpful for onboarding to a decentralized network.

Other than centralized social networks, most clients of decentralized networks don’t bug you with recommendations of who to follow. However, when intentionally used, recommendations can be a powerful feature to follow new people and pop your social bubble.


I think that search engines focusing on decentralized networks or protocols would be highly popular.

As a new user of Mastodon and ActivityPub I was looking for popular people. I was figuring out how the medium is used at its best before personalizing who I follow. With the fully decentralized Scuttlebutt protocol the discovery of successful, public content is even harder.

Most pages I navigate to on the World Wide Web, I found in a search engine — even the ones I should know the address to.

Privacy is about having control about who you share your personal data with. It is not a trade off of security but provides security to the individual.
Leaked personal information puts us at risk of identify fraud, negative financial / health care ratings, mobbing, blackmailing and more.

Protect your data and your online profiles. Be offended, if someone does not value your privacy.

Huge update for my Mastodon bot @test_trainer!
Besides new message templates, she will now plant and pick berries, lose battles, and rarely catch a new Pokémons. She can even decide to release a Pokémon, if she has two.

Ever needed to split a sub-folder from a bigger Git repository?

This great tutorial helps you to preserve the history by filtering out relevant commits.


When I ask my computer for randomization, I usually get the same entries repeated multiple times.

Guess I will have to write a function which remembers the last couple of entries, to re-run the post generation in those cases.

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