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Facebook teaches employees what to say if friends or family ask difficult questions about the company over the holidays:

Let Facebook employees rediscover the feeling of shame.

Listening for the third time to the amazing speech of @aral at the EU Parliament, this time looking at a better video which contains also his slides:

At minute 12:20 he rocks and says:

"You are acting as an unpaid Research and Development department for silicon valley. Because if a startup here succeeds, it gets bought by Google or Facebook. If it fails, we pick up the bill."


I really wish that academic studies on Mastodon like this were not funded by UK's Orwellian programs on Defence and Security:

Anyhow, the paper contains useful statists. For example, it points out that Amazon 🤮 hosts more than 30 percent of the Mastodon users.

The FSF just announced an "Ethical TECH Giving" guide with recommendations on hardware and associations working towards ethical goals. Among these:

* the Librem phone @purism
* the X200 Thinkpad with secure and super-fast
* the French @April association
* and the Software Freedom Conservancy @conservancy

The full list is at:

For more news from the FSF, sign up their mailing list here:

#Assange's "Perscution" (artwork by Norwegian street-artist AFK) in front of US embassy in Berlin, while sculpture "Anything to Say?" (representing Assange, Manning and Snowden) was unveiled.

#FreeAssange #FreeManning #DontExtraditeAssange

@Framasoft just announced its ambitions for 2020:

Among these:
* education on several fronts
* , a platform to mobilize people
* increasing popularity of peertube
* "cloud Framasoft": a single account for several services

If you like the work of , you can support its team with a donation:

Facebook shut down from Sunday November 24 at 21:00 to 1:00 next morning the page of the movement called which protests against former Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini. This happened shortly after a successful flash mob:

It is likely that Salvini purchases large amounts of publicity on Facebook.

Flash mobs and political actions should better be organized on media such as :


Sacha Baron Cohen (who created the character "Borat") exposes himself and writes against the giants of the internet:

"if Facebook were around in the 1930s, it would have allowed Adolf Hitler to post 30-second ads"

Stop 👏 Using 👏 Facebook

So many reasons, why you should consider closing your #Facebook account. Here is a nice documented list:

Is your favourite news website respecting your privacy?
Is it clean from hidden links to facebook, twitter, google analytics, google fonts, google tags, and alike? (in the image) is a nice and rare exception.

If you know any other, please leave a comment.

Please join us in the signing of this petition and consider adding years to your .org registration today.

5541 letters have currently been sent to stop the sale - add your name now!

Save .ORG

Help stop the sale of Public Interest Registry to a Private Equity Firm


@aral did an amazing speech today in the european parliament on "the future of internet regulation". It was a full attack on how the EU is currently supporting big tech platforms.

Sadly, was discontinued but, thanks to the efforts of @tobias, it is being reincarnated as

Follow here: @switchingsoftware


Thank you, Tobias. And thank you to the original anonymous person who created and maintained it until now.


The EFF prepared a list of "social media tips" here:

However, at the answer of "What Social Networks Should You Be On?" wouldn't you have appreciated to see some ethical and alternatives too instead of ONLY Facebook/Twitter/Google/YouTube/Vimeo?

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