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The European Parliament official website ( wants me to load ??

Never ever!!

The 500 A4 posters have arrived too!!

Want a 25 pack + postcards delivered gratis within the EU?
Just write address to

Living too far?
The source is on
We finance printing as well!

On July 7 get your privacy back!
Independence Day

Cost of printing the 2000 postcards (A6 300 g/m2):
46 CHF only (about 40 EUR) including tax and shipping.
Six days in total by

Want to print them in your city? We can finance it!

Want a 100 pack delivered within EU for free?
We still have half of them.

Want to change the design?
Source is on

Just write at

On July 7 get your privacy back!
Independence Day

10 kg of postcards have arrived!!
We ship them gratis within EU.

Want a 100 pack for free? Just write delivery address at
Five requests so far, so we have still plenty.

Source is on
modify it at wish -we finance printing worldwide!

On July 7 get your privacy back!
Independence Day

Shouting and screaming in front of the TV tonight to help your favorite team winning the ? ⚽ ⚽ Sorry... It won't change your life.
There's another game going on that will. You're standing in the arena and may not have noticed yet. 🙈
2 days and 17 hours left to make sure you will not end up as a looser. ⏳

We offer ~900 EUR for publicity in YOUR city for social media:

Is there anybody ANYWHERE willing to make good use of it?

The deal is:
1. YOU get quotations for posters and advertising service
2. we agree on the plan
3. YOU take care of all local practical things
4. we pay the bills by bank transfer

Or do you have better ideas than posters?
Please respond to this toot.

1EUR/1CHF/1$ to get rid of him! -Who offers more?

We are starting with three cities: Zurich, Geneva and Basel.
This is the test bench for future actions: ? ? ? ?...

If we reach the target, we will flood these cities with posters advertising , and social media.

JULY 7 - Independence Day

Cambridge-Analytica-Whistleblower: "Brexit wäre ohne Datenskandal nicht passiert"

Palantir Knows Everything
About You

(According to #CambridgeAnalytica whistleblower, Google's Eric Schmidt's daughter introduced Palantir to Cambridge Analytica, to have them sign a deal, and all of CA's data is therefore in Palantir today...)

#FuckOffPalantir #FuckOffFacebook #FuckOffGoogle #MassSurveillance

Leaked emails show Google expected lucrative military drone work to grow exponentially

I just downloaded my dump of personal data from . I'm disappointed. According to the privacy policy I expected to see a wealth of sensitive information about me: Location, cell tower, wifi, detailed usage statistics, crash reports, log files, how I interact with others, statistics on the interactions, ...
But no. All those interesting things that would be interesting for data mining are missing.
This leaves two options: 1) FB respects our or 2) they try to us all.

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