I released a new version of my Firefox extension that will forcefully redirect you away from privacy erosive services to better alternatives. It started as a joke, but I end up actually using it.

When I want to look up a place, I instinctively and mechanically start typing "maps.googl...". This extension will instead take me to OpenStreetMaps. It will also functionally translate Google Search links to DuckDuckGo and Google Translate links to Deepl.




Friday 07/12 - 18:00 - Umspannwerk, #Kreuzberg, #Berlin


Google &co still watching!!

While #google canceled its "campus" in #Kreuzberg, they still occupy the building, while tech-startup bullshit still hits hard on the 'hood.

Join a festive occasion of meeting with neighbors, having fun and moving towards the next steps of action! <3

#FuckOffGoogle #StartUpRevolt #ShutDownGoogle #BringTheNoise

5 years ago: Digital Feudalism and How to Avoid It


I learned a lot in those five years and we’re still working for the same goals. Surveillance Capitalism is worse than it ever was but we also have new hopes: @Purism, Mastodon, @gnome, DAT, …

The one thing I’d change is to replace “open source” with “ethical technology” and “free (as in freedom)” in my words.

Antiterrorist Censorship: The EU Commission Wants to Kill the Decentralized Internet

Our reaction: laquadrature.net/en/new_terro_

This proposal would impose new obligations to hosting service providers, including the removal in less than an hour of the reported content.

The Chaos Communication Congress (C3) is the perfect place to spread ideas about decentralized social media and ethical alternatives to the .

The 35th C3 will take place in Leipzig on December 27-30, and the call for talks is open until October 15:


Past talks are available here:

@switchingsocial, @Framasoft, @eugen.rochko, @balu
it would be great if you have a talk!

Join us now on The Federation!

Image Sharing for Everyone

A free and ethical photo sharing platform.


#pixelfed #mastodon #federation

You are on and want to try out ?

Find out how many of your Twitter friends are already on Mastodon with Bridge!


(thanks @Cheatha)

There is a war on the German wikipedia aiming at deleting the articles about PeerTube and Fediverse.

Everybody can vote. Help today if you can.



RT @itsjamesherring@twitter.com
A street artist has been improving Facebook billboards across London.

h/t @protestencil@twitter.com

"The poorest places in the world are becoming Facebook-dependent at a rapid rate"

-told at DemocracyNow by Siva Vaidhyanathan, author of "Anti-social media. How Facebook Disconnects Us and Undermines Democracy":

democracynow.org/2018/8/1/a_th (minute 47:50)

John Oliver about the stock crash of Facebook:


At minute 4:05 is how a FB advertisement should really look like 😂

Habt ihr in letzter Zeit mal wieder die #facebook und #twitter #aktien geprueft?Nach dem grossen #crash geht es jetzt immer weiter abwaerts!So machts doch richtig Spass,die Aktien weiter zu beobachten 😀 Gut so,hoffentlich stuerzen sie noch viel weiter ab 😛

Two excellent talks (in FRENCH) given this month by the director of the association Framasoft, Pierre-Yves Gosset:

Dégooglisons internet: 3 ans de campagne


Contributopia : Dégoogliser ne suffit pas!

It would be nice to see this talk at the upcoming 35th Chaos Communication Congress () in Leipzig (media.ccc.de/c/34c3)

Image: "Three years of -ing did cost like 80 metres of highway" (minute 46 of first video)

Facebook and Twitter lost 20% of their value. 🎆 😂 🎆

We need to keep hitting them hard until they collapse.

When the next action?

Few ideas:

May 1st ( Worker's Day)

May 25, gafam.laquadrature.net

September 12, FB Boycott:


Can we plan ONE big day every ~3 months where we ALL come TOGETHER to beat the s**t out of the investors and provoke an extra stock plunge?


The idea of a "Decentralized Tech ecosystem map" and of a 'Decentralized Web Summit" is good in principle.

However they are only on Twitter, their website uses google-analytics and one of the featured speakers is a "Chief Internet Evangelist" at Google.

These are sufficient no-go arguments for me.

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