@iday I don't see an issue. GAFAM are paying for people to come n Tshirt to be made in advance. Fosdem org wouldn't need to do so if we did it, and we don't. The conter part they get is visibility on a web site, a job corner were they are not allowed to recruit and some after party they need to pay extar for.


That's OK if you do not see an issue.

There are people who would not see an issue if ExxonMobil would finance Greenpeace (thanks @aral for the example).

There are people who do not see an issue if Facebook or Google finance newspapers.

There are people who did not see an issue when the Stasi came.

Do you think there will be many talks at speaking up against Google, Amazon or Facebook?

@iday @aral only one room in fosdem works on that subject so yes there will be. And I never believe in greenpeace so no surprise for me there.

@usul @iday Of course Greenpeace are not funded by ExxonMobil. Only in the tech industry would people actually- oh fuck it, I give up.

@iday @usul @aral

FOSDEM speak about opensource technology, not against a company.

A company could change (microsoft with Nadella)

Do you thinks that people in Fosdem don't know how Facebook are dangerous?

There are one "facebook" talk, fosdem.org/2020/schedule/event but they dont paid Fosdem for this.
This talk follow the last year talk archive.fosdem.org/2019/schedu (and facebook aren't sponsort last year)

@dj @iday @usul @aral

I still believe that the Microsoft of Nadella is playing embrace extended extinguish with both Linux and Chromes Blink engine. History has taught us not to trust publicly held companies of their caliber.

They started out as Java supporters in the 90s and when Sun called them out on their dividing behavior they bought half of Borlands team to make their own Java and call it C# - which still isn’t really working with any platform except their own.

@iday @usul @aral There are many talks at FOSDEM talking about open source software that dierctly competes with the proprietary software or services that those companies (and others) provide, with their communities often speaking directly against those proprietary alternatives. Also, in what way the Stasi related to this?

@iday @usul Basically look at this whole room? fosdem.org/2020/schedule/track
I'm pretty sure there will be more talks in other devrooms.

@iday #FOSDEM is indeed run by sell-outs. They accept money from anyone & claim access to a room is independantly decided, yet they allowed #DuckDuckGo to waste a room & timeslot to pimp its service -- and dash without taking questions.

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