Listening for the third time to the amazing speech of @aral at the EU Parliament, this time looking at a better video which contains also his slides:

At minute 12:20 he rocks and says:

"You are acting as an unpaid Research and Development department for silicon valley. Because if a startup here succeeds, it gets bought by Google or Facebook. If it fails, we pick up the bill."


@iday @aral goodness I hope these people would understand the Ferengi reference. :blobcatthinking2:

@iday @aral having a proper page to report GDPR violations would really make things so much better. I'm still not sure how I'm supposed to report those.

Great choice for the ending quote.

@Matt_Noyes @iday Thanks, Matt. Had a few requests for meetings from MEPs but I’m not holding my breath for a timely political solution to this problem. There is just too much institutional corruption at play (lobbying, revolving doors, etc.) The only people they’re really talking to are the Googles and the Facebooks. So we build the alternatives and cross our fingers that they at least do their jobs enough that we don’t end up behind bars for building tech that respects human rights.

@aral @iday
What do you make of WT:Social? Does it potentially change the political equation?

@iday @aral

yeah, speaking the truth make you
stronger than you think,
and it's a feel good peace for a better
communication with gov :verified_green:

@iday @aral
Thanks for that link to the speech with slides.
It was really amazing, thanks for telling thigs as they are. But I saw a lot of empty chairs... not a very interesting topic for them, it seems.

@tachan @iday Thanks! It did seem more full from the stage but I guess it wasn’t packed, no.

@iday @aral I love this presentation so much. It contains so many things I wanted to yell at the EU as well for years...

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