The Chaos Communication Congress (C3) is the perfect place to spread ideas about decentralized social media and ethical alternatives to the .

The 35th C3 will take place in Leipzig on December 27-30, and the call for talks is open until October 15:

Past talks are available here:

@switchingsocial, @Framasoft, @eugen.rochko, @balu
it would be great if you have a talk!

@iday @switchingsocial @Framasoft @eugen.rochko I'd really like to go to the C3. So far I just enjoyed the live streams and podcasts from remote. But I heard saying that the hotel prices have risen by 500% compared to last year 🙈 . Maybe there is some better place to stay.

Me having a talk? Huuh... Don't enjoy standing in front of the crowd... unless I REALLY know what I'm talking about.
I have some ideas how ethical alternatives should look like. But I don't know how to present this...

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