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Happy Independence Day!
from centralized media

1000+ postcards have been delivered

Hundreds of posters are hanging in CH, DE, ES, AU

8 packages shipped across EU

20+ key politicians have been contacted

At least one big institution announced to open mastodon today

400 EUR total budget

Not in the yet? Switch today!


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10 kg of postcards have arrived!!
We ship them gratis within EU.

Want a 100 pack for free? Just write delivery address at
Five requests so far, so we have still plenty.

Source is on
modify it at wish -we finance printing worldwide!

On July 7 get your privacy back!
Independence Day

Telestreet: The Italian Media Jacking Movement

[Un breve documentario che esplora i fenomeni della Telestreet italiana, una rete di quasi 200 microtrasmettitori televisivi pirata che ha iniziato nell'estate del 2002 a contrastare il monopolio mediatico di Silvio Berlusconi.]

A short documentary exploring Italy's #Telestreet phenomena, a network of close to 200 micro #pirate TV transmitters that begun in the summer of 2002 to counter the #media monopoly of Silvio #Berlusconi. Perhaps the most interesting tactical media initiative of recent times, the TeleStreet network combines both old and new media, lo-tech and hi-tech.

The documentary speaks with activists from #TeleAut and #SpegnilaTV and media theorist Franco Berardi (#Bifo).

thanks @la_r_go

A link to a #GAFAM site is not a resource. It's a trap!

Stephen King quits over false claims in political ads

Horror novelist says that the social network has allowed false information to be disseminated, and that he is also concerned about users’ :

CERN discontinues use of Facebook Workplace

The European nuclear research centre discontinues the use of the communication tool Workplaces.
Article (in German):

Maybe its time to boycott Conservancy and #fosdem until such time as they're no longer promoting GAFAM. I understand that the history is complicated, but in 2020 we now have a very clear picture of how toxic those companies are in a multitude of ways.

The oldies like me need to remember why they originally resisted Microsoft, and not end up rationalizing away similar or worse abuses coming from Google and Facebook. In a lot of ways the problems created by those companies are much more existential than a sweating Ballmer hurling lawsuits and office furniture.

You can be funded by Google or Facebook or some other surveillance capitalist, or you can advocate for human rights and democracy. Pick one.

Highlights from the on-going (CA) leak:

Facebook Vice President Andrew Bosworth wrote: “So was Facebook responsible for Donald Trump getting elected? I think the answer is yes.”

Brittany Kaiser (CA leaker): "the Trump campaign put together over a million different advertisements."


The Guardian reports on a new leak whose documents will be released over the next months.

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This is a useful way to see how the different protocols of the #Fediverse and #Federation interact and which software uses which.

Fresh Cambridge Analytica leak ‘shows global manipulation is out of control’ - Company’s work in 68 countries laid bare with release of more than 100,000 documents

Following last years tradition we'll have a #fdroid meetup at #36C3 on the day 1 at 1400.
Last year we had a room with 12 seats and 60 minutes, this year we'll have a lot more space at #cbase and 90 minutes 🙂.

There will be lots of stickers. See you all there.


This account is inspired by the awesome @FuckOffGoogle initiative in Berlin.

Is there anybody interested to protest against Google in #Zurich too?

Thousand postcards like this are awaiting to be distributed around the Google campus...


Oh, and the Facebook/Google/Amazon/Microsoft/Apple? Nein danke stickers are here too :) #36c3

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