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Gestern waren es 32° im Büro und heute soll es noch wärmer werden... Puh...

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I wish there were pocket fairies who snuck into your house during the night and sewed pockets into your clothes, like those shoe-fixing elves

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Here’s a survey about the social network #Mastodon. You are invited to take part regardless of your level of involvement or how often you use it or how long you've been here.

I don’t work for them, I’m just curious.

#meta #survey

But I still don't quite get what and do and what the difference is between those...
They seem somehow related...
Can anyone recommend a good article about this (maybe not too technical)?

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Hat jemand ein paar Leseempfehlungen (Links) zu eigenen Instanzen? Diaspora, Mastodon, etc

Mich interessiert insbesondere die rechtliche Geschichte und DSGVO

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I am looking for a digital #artist to commision for three assets for the mastodon client @Tusky: A generic "elephant friend", an image for the error view (maybe a sad elephant?) and an image for the empty view (maybe a sleeping elephant?). Must look good on dark and light background and fit well with material design. Artist must be ok with the assets being published under an open source license. Vector assets preferred. Commission will of course be payed.
Pls boost!

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@failtime on that note


“No one is more qualified than you are to decide how you live; no one should be able to vote on what you do with your time and your potential unless you invite them to. ”
― CrimethInc., Expect Resistance: A Field Manual

✌️✌️✌️✌️ 🤡

Wir haben gestern Abend die zweite Staffel auf Netflix angefangen und es macht einfach Spaß das zu gucken 😄

I emptied my account now. I really hope they won't switch to some bitcoin stuff... that is waaay to complicated for me 🙈

Moment, mein Mastodon Account hat einen RSS-Feed? Dann müsste ich den ja recht einfach in meinen Blog einbauen können... so für Mini-Updates oder so... Und Datenschutz mäßig sollte das auch ganz okay sein... Ich muss das Mal ausprobieren! 🤓

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Gespräche beim Rollenspiel, Pathfinder Show more

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RT In Russia it’s illegal to display the LGBT pride flag. So during the #WorldCup these 6 football fans have formed a hidden rainbow flag with their soccer jerseys, to protest Russia’s discriminatory laws in plain sight. #HiddenFlag ✊🏳️‍🌈


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Ich habe ja durchaus manchmal kontroverse Ansichten, aber dass "Menschen in (See)Not rettet man halt." dabei ist, hätte ich nicht gedacht.

Hm... Ich fühl mich wie Freitag, aber es ist erst Donnerstag 😔
Aber dafür heißt das, dass heut Abend Rollenspiel ist 🙂

I didn't know that 'zines' (as in self published small magazines) are a thing. That sounds pretty cool to me... maybe I want to do one myself at some point...

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