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Die Behandlung am Flughafen ist einfach für den Arsch. Ob mit Nacktscanner oder ohne. Was muss man da nur über sich ergehen lassen? Vollkommen entwürdigend, was @kattascha da erlebt hat. Leider mittlerweile Standard. 🤐

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Hey developers & ActivityPub enthusiasts!

@GetTogetherComm is a free open alternative to

The lead developer needs help with implementing federation, either coding or better documentation about ActivityPub.

There's an open issue for it here:

There's been discussion but no code contributions yet.

Can you help?

(It would be *so* cool to get this kind of service federated, imagine every town having its own instance :blobaww: )

#ActivityPub #FLOSS #FOSS

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WDRL 258
Colorless Designs, Simple Forms, Native Web Videos, and Rendering The Web.

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Wow, so many recommendations! Thank you everyone, I will look through them! :)

Does anyone have a recommendation for a Reader for me? I'd like a nice UI, the option to save an entry and I would like to read on desktop and phone.

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This Person Does Not Exist:

This is: A) a creepy glimpse into our AI driven future where every form of evidence can be faked and the world looks more and more like Philip K Dick's worst nightmares

and B) a great source of character portraits for PCs and NPCs in modern day RPGs. You're guaranteed to not accidentally use a person who turns out to be a minor celebrity or a notorious serial killer or something, because these people don't exist.

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There is a #knitting themed card game on kickstarter right now ;) Apparently you have to pick yarn that matches a project card on your hand so you can cast on, you get knitting progress every turn until you can place the finished object on a blocking mat and get points. So cute! :) #boardgames

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Breaking: The text of #Article13 and the #EU #Copyright Directive has just been finalised

Please reshare widely and **take action**. This has the potential to endanger the #internet as we know it, making it more and more composed of only large platforms.

This has the possibility of killing #alternative #socialmedia projects and small #startups trying to compete with the big #corporations.

@kurzgedanke Ich trag meist ein normales Microfaser-Putztuch mit mir rum...

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This isn't getting nearly the attention it deserves: why are Apple & Google hosting a Saudi app that lets men block grown women from traveling & sends
"male guardians" SMS alerts when women cross borders?


@scroom Danke ☺️ Ich war ja gespannt auf die neue Verzeichnis Funktion (unter /explore) aber bisher will noch niemand da rein oder es wurde noch nicht gefunden 😁

@yoz Yeah, I recently wrote on Facebook, that I want to delete my Account and who would come somewhere else with me and most people where like "Oh, I cannot leave, all my friends are here" or "I don't think it is that bad"... 🙄
I don't know how to convince them...

Für Toots zu meinem und Projekten und hin und wieder Dingen, könnt ihr mir übrigens auch auf @gruenewuerfel folgen 😊

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☕ Die beste Firma der Welt (i.e., meine) RECUP sucht Verstärkung. Keywords: Kaffeebecher, Pfandsystem, #München, Müllvermeidung, #Mehrweg, #Nachhaltigkeit, 1A-Kollegen!

- Controller (m/w/a)
- Social Media Manager (m/w/a)
- Team Happiness Assistent (m/w/a)
- Sales Manager (m/w/a)
- Praktikant Business Development (m/w/a)
- Praktikant Sales (m/w/a)
- Praktikant Marketing (m/w/a) ab Juni 2019

Über einen Boost würde ich mich sehr freuen, danke!

#jobsuche #stellenangebote

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