Does anyone have a recommendation for a Reader for me? I'd like a nice UI, the option to save an entry and I would like to read on desktop and phone.

Wow, so many recommendations! Thank you everyone, I will look through them! :)

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@gwentara I've been with Newsblur for the past couple of years. They have a decent web interface, but plenty of clients will plug in to the API if you prefer something else (I use Lire on iOS).

@gwentara I used Feedly for years, but now I've switched to Inoreader and really like it

I like the idea of being able to share lists in The Old Reader, but it's desktop only for me; the Android version seems to be gone.

On Android, I'm using a simple reader called Read, which I also like, but I wish had the shareability.

Like you, I'd like to find one that was better usable cross platform.

@gwentara I like looks like it does everything you need and more. 5 bucks a month well spent!

@gwentara Feeder on the phone, it's on F-Droid! If you're a CLI junkie definitely go for newsbeuter on the desktop.

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