How Doctors Die
"What’s unusual about medical professionals is not how much treatment they get when faced with a terminal illness—but how little."


That was a very good read. My own feelings about the medical system exactly.

I haven't seen my doctor for years, take no prescription medications and hope die naturally

I think that fear of dieing is exploited by the medical industry to take the wealth from the elderly.

@pgtips91 Well, as told in that story, much of the drive comes from the 'next of kin'. I have deliberately named a nurse practitioner friend of mine as such to avoid this and ensure DNR. It's not like at the movies! People end up stroked, bones broken and brain damaged - and still have the underlying morbidity(s)! No thanks.
I have been at death's door before and I don't fear it.

Thou shalt not kill, but needst not strive
Officiously to keep alive.


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