There seems to be some kind of competition on new or warmed-over websites to spread as little information as possible across a very long scroll of very large images that take forever to load.
Pine64 went to this recently and I just visited an 'eco-friendly' site for an all-in-one keyboard - took quite a while to even find out what the damn thing was.
If people need to use keyword site:, you're doing it wrong. Now get off my lawn.

@gemlog I created my own recipe site for exactly this reason. It has become such a hassle to find recipes online because they pad the front matter with rambling preamble and pictures and junk so you have to scroll, scroll, scroll...

@groovestomp On some sites you can toggle 'reader view' with decent results. Or turn off their css in 'View'->'Page Style', but normally I don't bother and simply move on...

@gemlog I used to use that, but I guess I have become less patient. :-)


@groovestomp Exactly :-)
But sometimes I take it as a challenge and load the thing up in lynx too.

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