I need php help. This is crazy. My zabbix install tells me I don't have bcmath, but I do. apt says nothing is newer.
PHP bcmath off Fail
The .so file is there, referenced and current, I set the digits to two from zero in php.ini. I've restarted nginx and php7.2. What file is it reading?
The install was flawless and wonderful until this point.

I think this fun may have begun when I upgraded to focal a day ago. I don't recall having two php's before.

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@viktormadarasz True. If we didn't like such problems, we wouldn't do it.

@viktormadarasz OK. Let me untangle php versions.
The thing is, contabo told me I couldn't upgrade, so I edited sources and forced it anyhow...
So... well :-)
I didn't feel like renting a new box and configuring it. Takes forever to lock down a box.

@gemlog hm i was not familiar with contabo only hetzner from germany.. im suffering with the network settings as from 18.04 ubuntu server they changed from ifupdown to netplan...and hetzners routed config through proxmox for vms was never too easy to set up but now it got more of a pain... so im suffering with that now.. tough all i need is the oldschool point to point to force the traffic out towards an ip which is not in the same subnet as the hosts/guests ip

I will win.
You know why?
Because I *always* win.
Eventually... :-)
I don't ever give up. I make the machines do what I want.
Sometimes it takes longer, that's all 🙂

@viktormadarasz I have to fix the php version problem. 'Interesting' things are going wrong with existing websites.
Thanks goodness they are all mine these days. 4 years ago I would have been freaking out! :-)

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