This exists on every darn page from my provincial government.

Every. Darn. One.

Relevant or not.


*Any* kind of sticky popup is ridiculous. All they do is obstruct the main content.

In other news, it doesn't even function. It hangs forever even when I ask it predictable covid-related questions!

It comes back quickly, but with no info.
Maybe if I tried it from Alberta like muto? ;-)


Thanks for the info! I do have ublock origin and privacy badger installed, but they usually don't affect functionality. Probably means there's something in there I'd rather not have.

At least it works. I mean its still a crappy design that would be better off as an FAQ link on the top of the page, but at least it works!


@MutoShack @brad
Actually, until now I'd never tried it. Just closed it out of my face in annoyance.
I too have a bunch of extensions. If a page warning me about privacy won't work with privacy options installed... who wrote the damn page that's trying to invade my privacy? Just makes it even worse. Intrusive AND invasive plus incompetent. Nice.


It's an *automated* assistant. I don't care much for the idea, but when you make something like this, a log of inputs from users would be handy to improve the experience by tweaking the output based on what people are asking.

I don't know what info it collects, but if it just gets your query anonymously I'd be ok with that.


@MutoShack @gemlog I'm running ublock origin, but not privacy badger. I think I had to allow something in umatrix before the thing appeared at all, but then it worked okay without messing with other stuff. I'm running IceCat 68.12.0.

@MutoShack Hmm. Looks like they copied clippy exactly! Good job my govt! Absolutely authentically useless! :-)

Too shy to ask for test subjects any other way...

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