The corporate overlords at Google are flexing their dystopian powers and removing all Danish music from YouTube, because the corporation refuses to come to a fair agreement on paying Nordic songwriters

Its conditions are: accept our pennies or be censored

The corporate bloodsuckers at Google gave an organization representing Nordic songwriters an ultimatum demanding a nearly 70% reduction in payment for YouTube's use of their music – despite the fact that YouTube’s use of music has increased significantly since the last agreement

The repercussions of this are insane. Billions of people across the world use YouTube and Google. This unaccountable US mega-corporation (which works closely with the US gov't) is now boasting to the world that it can censor entire countries and languages


@benjaminnorton Denmark may be the first entire country to unilaterally move to peertube!
KODA can lead the way.

@thelazyfox @gemlog @benjaminnorton

its a small enough country with a unique musical culture for that to work (although currently this track remains online, which might be the only internationally well known pop song from a Danish group)

I'm seriously considering sending a rant to one of the Danish newspapers...

I'm torn between extolling the virtues of decentralised and federated media, and just lambasting them for wasting decades fighting the fake threat of filesharing...

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