OMG are there still reliable subscription-free news service out there???! 😡💦


@snowdusk If you keep flushing your browser cookies, you can see more articles quite often.
I keep a collection of RSS here:
You may log in with user 'guest' passwd 'guest'.
Just recognize the slant of any of the sources. All news has a slant to it.

@gemlog thanks! my rule is if they force me to subscribe just so i can read news - forget it - they are blacklisted

@snowdusk There is the odd link in there that is paywalled. Like... indiatimes I think. It's kind of random. Others... Still, you get most of the story just out of the lede in the rss link.
Sometimes ppl add links to that site anonymously too.
If it was ever trashed, i'd just replace it by exporting my own tinyrss account.
I hope it helps you a little.

@gemlog @snowdusk Gem, this is yours? Nice work...

The Real News is headquartered in Baltimore; you'll find them here at @therealnews. They work on a user subscription basis. A lot of the top indy media in Baltimore are now there (since we lost the City Paper).

It's just my collection. I think Claes added 2-3 links. Or someone did - idk.
As I said, I don't stand behind all the sites as gospel - they all have some agenda or other.
Just common sense. Don't read Indian newspapers about the j&k - that's silly. Don't read russian news about ukraine... Stuff like that. Bear the bias in mind.
Interesting how often the foreign press is ahead of the domestic press though.
@snowdusk @therealnews

I added the real news to that tinytinyrss.
They don't exactly go out of their way to advertise it do they? I just used the SWAG principle (scientific wild assed guess) and add slash rss to their url on spec
I put it on my own account and in the guest account.
If you knew it, you could have added it yourself - the guest account is normal. If it's ever vandalized, I'll simply delete it and export from my own account again ;-)
@snowdusk @therealnews

@gemlog @snowdusk @therealnews Sounds good. Didn't know the parameters of the guest account and didn't want to blunder around rudely to find them.

Frankly, I have no idea how to turn off edit perms! :-)
I've just left it for years. I only mention it on masto and every one is nice about it.
Most ppl don't touch it, only read.
@snowdusk @therealnews

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