"English mugs other languages in dark alleys and rifles through their pockets for loose grammar and spare vocabulary."

From German view: we dispose nasty and foul language there...

I was only kidding. We once had an interview on air, which wasn't live, but uncut. Marilyn Manson was asked something, answered and when he was done with it, he started over again with the same. Interviewer said, you already have answered my question. Well, yes, but I said THAT bad word. You did, but this is German radio, you can say 'fuck' as often you want to...

@wauz I sometimes watch so-called 'panel shows' from the uk and they use a lot of language that one normally wouldn't use in polite company.
I enjoy '8 out of 10 cats does countdown', but they can be really filthy. Even rachel.
I always get a laugh though, so I keep reaching fo it :-)
Besides, it's not like my own lips are pure.

I don't watch TV, or let's say, occasionally, when I am in Hasi's apartment. She has TV just as kind of background noise source and doesn't really watch. Sometimes we really watch something, but that's mostly about nature. I'm ADD, so I prefer things as 'Sendung mit der Maus' from WDR. You can find it on YouTube either. It's tacted to 5 minutes, that fits my needs.

@wauz "Die Sendung mit der Maus (littéralement L'émission avec la souris) est une émission germanophone éducative pour enfants, créée en 1971." I think you are teasing me again! :-)
I haven't had tv for decades either.

They are still doing this program and its wonderful! Wanna know, how gas is made out of petrol? The Maus shows it!
Wanna know, how corn gets from cob to can?...


We have obfuscated programming languages, so I guess English is trying to be the natural version of that!

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