You've only added two lines - why did that take two days!
It might seem a reasonable question, but it makes some terrible assumptions:
lines of code = effort
lines of code = value
all lines of code are equal
None of those are true.

@gemlog Very true. Much of my time developing software is spent thinking, drawing, dreaming, and mulling the same bug through my brain until I fall asleep. Considerably less of my time is spent writing code. Usually I wind up spending more time gathering dependency libraries.

@aeveltstra I find taking a (long) walk helps. Sometimes even longer walks are needed. They reduce the bruising on my forehead from pounding it on the desk and my raspy throat pleading "gaaaaagh!" to the universe.

@gemlog there's a *very* good reason why programmers aren't paid per line of code ;)

@gemlog @aeveltstra Yes, but... How are they supposed to measure your performance, and that of several other employees? What if you really *were* a very lazy programmer?

Step one: Fire the person who hired you.
Step two...

Because you don't close things and they do code reviews periodically.

@gemlog @aeveltstra Okay, fair enough, but I can't say I've ever been criticised for how much/little code I wrote, so it sounds like a made-up situation...

I'm sorry. When I link HN stories I normally provide the comments link first as that usually provides much needed back ground and commentary.
My apologies.

@thor @gemlog @aeveltstra I have been in one situation in two decades where a programmer was actually fired, and they were fired because it was clear from the questions they *didn't* ask that they clearly didn't know what they were doing.
@thor @gemlog @aeveltstra People might think that if you're asking questions you're showing weakness, but that's not how it works.

Whatever project you're dropped into there will always be mysteries, and the only way you'll make progress is if you pester your peers and those from surrounding projects with questions about what's this weird thing and why is that thing there and how did this other thing ever work.

If you're suffering in silence for weeks you're clearly just procrastinating setting your vim up and tweaking your .cshrc (yeah ugh, in that place ... I used bash but csh was necessary for several system scripts and launch scripts) because you don't even know where to get started.

Maybe they should have been in a more junior role where someone told them what to do instead, but that's not what they were hired for.

I agree. I'm a bit older than you (ok 10 yrs!) and one of the biggest lessons in life is to learn to admit ignorance and ask questions. It's ego bruising, but that's what young egos need.
@aeveltstra @thor

I want to rush quickly to add that @clacke is 10X the programmer than I will ever be and I did not mean to imply that my age somehow imbued me with superhuman coding skills.
@aeveltstra @thor

@gemlog All I read into it is that life experience imbues one with humility skills!

After all, is experience really anything other than an accumulated wealth of mistakes to learn from?

@aeveltstra @thor

@clacke @gemlog @aeveltstra @thor An expert is a person who has made every possible mistake in a very narrow field.

I can assure you that I have learned from my mistakes and I am able to repeat them exactly :-)
I think it was Peter Cook who made that joke.
@clacke @aeveltstra @thor

@gemlog If you could ask Einstein the same question... "It took you years to write that short equation?"

@gemlog I have occasionally spent days hunting a bug that turned out to be a single wrong bit.

@mansr I don't know about a bit, but I've gone blind looking for a wrong byte/char.

I've heard this about some specific computer lab, but apparently it's old as dirt:…

The German version is the best, because Gewistwo is a lovely word.
The best work you turn in is the work with negative lines of code.
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