thinking about self driving cars, but the cars are longer, with capacity for about 90 people per car. and maybe we could simplify the decision-making of the AI by providing a set path and schedule that they would adhere to. perhaps a physical mechanism on which the self-driving car could always be on, something like a rail to minimize them going off path and being a danger to cyclists or pedestrians. anyone in Silicon Valley want to fund this? we could even chain the cars together to maximize efficiency.

@vulcao The infrastructure is outrageously expensive, so it's only good in metro. Skytrain is the *only* thing I'm jealous about vancouver for. It's an amazing service and whenever I'm down there it seems cheap for an all day pass to go pretty much anywhere via mtr, seabus, bus or trolley.
It would be very cool to have something like it where I live, but there are not enough ppl up here to pay for even the very short runs it would have.

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