I'm a bit sad that you never used open/libre office before. It's hard to believe. I've had *every* business IT shop I had as a client using it for many years now.
It's not just 'compatible', it's BETTER!
Try 'Draw' and using connectors - it's fun! :-) Visio is for people with money they need to throw away - same as the ones who use microsoft and apple. Seriously though, I've *never* found a client or fellow human who *needed* ms-office for *anything*. Not once.

@gemlog @snowdusk_ You need MS Office if you have to collaborate with clients that use MS Office formats. LO compatibility is simply not good enough to ensure that when documents prepared in LO are opened in MS Office they will render correctly. This has always been the case.


This is absolutely NOT the case that I have encountered with companies that are in the construction industry, the forestry industry and the medical industry in canada. And others, but those are the biggest ones.
Maybe I just live in a special place.

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