@gemlog @aolog@mstdn.jp
Will this script work with 2.8x Blender ?

@miklo I"m sorry, but I haven't the foggiest. I showed it to Aoi, because she's about to take up 3d modeling in school.

I'd like to watch that I don't have time this week... since I told my boss that i'm gonna quit, There's many stuff have to be done😵
I'm on my way home now. prolly I'll get home 22pm and wake up 5 am again😪😪

@aolog I thought two things: I thought you were working from home and didn't have to take the crazy train into tokyo and also that you were stopping that job?

@gemlog Japanese gov lifted up the state of emergency, I need to go to the office but not everyday.
Yes, I'm quitting this job and will change to not full-time job next month. I thought i told you about my job..didn't i?

@aolog You did. I just thought it was already finished, but you had just put him on notice.

Okay, it was really short video with cool work! I need to read about it :-)

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