Looking for super dumb ideas for web apps I can make in a few days. Challenge me with your stupidity

@gemlog That sounds nothing like a "few days" project, that's also a GOOD IDEA :P

@brandon Well... I don't actually *hate js. Hard to avoid it with php and stuff. I do like other things more though.


@brandon I don't have a ready excuse for not learning Rust frankly. It's pretty readable on the face of it.

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@gemlog I've never personally touched a line of code of Go or Rust but I wanted to learn NodeJS/JS because it meant using a single language for the front and backend so...theoretically less total learning time needed?

@brandon I did get something going in Go (eventually, crap tool chain imo). But it is tainted (in my mind) by its origins, so it's hard for me to warm up to it. Also C-ish.
Whereas rust looks c++ish. I don't have much motivation just now. I'm doing entirely different work to most of my life and loving it.

@gemlog Funny enough a lot of my job is purely IT stuff. I'm just working helpdesk. But ever since I was challenged to make a slack bot and got into programming it, I've been itching to work on more programming stuff

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