Mastodon always 'charges' you 23 characters for every URL you post. It doesn't matter if it is longer or shorter.
There is NO excuse for using URL shorteners which obfuscate your destination if you click - these usually go to fb or twitter, so I Never click them on purpose. They make my browser and I feel dirty.
Please tell your friends.

@gemlog Fun useless fact, it is 23 characters because gargron copied it from twitter and that is the length of the links their click tracking shortener produces (or historically did)

@piggo Thank you!
I kept wondering how he came up with 23. Why 23? Why not 20 or 30?
Not a useless fact. That shuts up the part of my brain that ponders those things :-)

@gemlog In the Tootle I client I use there is no special character counting for URLs, but I still never use URL shorteners.

@gemlog I love #NitterizeMe, it reads the headers to pull the links out of shorteners (at least and links for sure) and tells you what the actual URL is, giving you a chance to open or dismiss it.

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