It's hard to change the laws around drug use, but maybe the virus crisis can do that. Because addicts are not going to stay at home if they need drugs, are they? So giving drug users a safe and legal suply of the drugs that addict might help all of us.

#drugs #law #harmreduction


@skiring I don't use or want anything but the legal drugs, but that's not the point. I was at the courthouse in town demoing Every 4/20, because outlawing dope is silly, expensive and life-wasting. We finally won. Sadly pot makes me throw up, but... hey! :-)
We've had the example of Portugal for how many years now? Nearly 20?? What the actual f*k is wrong with western politicians? Just lapdogs of the police, guards and prison system unions and corps? Have lawyer friends?? It's ludicrous!!

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