Ethical, easy-to-use and privacy-conscious alternatives to well-known software: Get off fb, goog, amazon, apple and msw!

I don't normally beg for boosts, but this is worth sharing with your IRL friends via email and w/e else. Older Mastodonians pretty much know most of these. I hope?


still not a single good events planner... do people really not realize what people stay on facebook for?
or can no one build something that lets you find all public events relative to your interested on fb and organize them in a calender without having fb?

@queeranarchism Actually, Framasoft is working on just what you want with the exact goal of replacing something that fb has.

@queeranarchism I forget what it's called, but last autumn they had thing to raise funds to pay full-time devs to make it and the fund-raising was a success.
I've never used fb, so I'm not exactly sure what it does, but it was for organizing meetings and events like you asked for.


Looks cool. Set to launch 'in 2020'. So I guess we'll see. They have a Mastodon but it's in french so I'm having difficulty finding updates there.

@queeranarchism You can have a play about here:
I have no idea what to expect, but maybe you can tell if you like it.
Obviously, still heaps of time to write in feedback.


My biggest question that I can't find an answer to is 'are they going to offer an ability to import public events from facebook'?

Because clubs, festivals, museums etc aren't going to be quick to jump ship to alternative social media. And if you need to keep a facebook account to find out what's playing in town tonight... people are going to keep their facebook account.

@queeranarchism Faint hope of that. Do you think fb would not turn off that tap if it even exists to export events!?


Well, since the events are fully public, it should be possible to write an import tool that can't be blocked?
Other tools have been pretty good at using random IP's to import data from fb. Of course they did not present themselves as fb competitors....

@queeranarchism Well. We will see. But the answer to "I want something like x" is doable.
"I want something exactly like x and 100% compatible" usually is not.


Yeah, I get that. It's just that facebook's entire strategy is 'fear of missing out'. You keep coming back because you worry all your friends are going to be at that cool party that you missed.

As the big events can be found on fb, most will keep an account there. And since it's nice to have all your stuff in one place... no incentive to join others.

Any platform that can not compete with that is unlikely to ever reach the critical mass to be successful as an events platform.


so it's not 'I want perfection'

it's 'if this thing is impossible I have very little faith that this platform will exist for long'

@queeranarchism Just a matter of patience.
Linux was a tiny dot in 1995 when I picked it up...
Now everyone uses *nix whether they know it or not.
Libre/open office vs msoffice, public key encryption (ok, still slow there...)... other things.
There *will* be take up. What did you think of masto. What do you think of masto and peertube and pixelfed and and...
This shit takes time. FB and utube didn't happen overnight either.
Be of Good Courage my son! :-)


Not only have none of these examples been able to break the dominance of their corporate competition,
You're also skipping over the fact that many more have tried, failed, and disappeared.

Patience isn't going to cut it.
You don't just need a good alternative, you need a solid understanding of why people stay on the dominant platform and how to break through that.
With events, it's about fear of missing out. Tackle that and you can thrive, ignore it and your effort is wasted.

@queeranarchism Not wasted.
Having 2 million happy users is still two million happy users.
If the other 2 Billion want to stay chained, well, let them stay chained :-) It's no concern of mine after a point.
You asked the fediverse of volunteers for a certain functionality and I pointed you toward it. That's all I can do bud.
I've devoted thousands of hours writing s/w for far fewer ppl myself.


But that's just not how events platforms work. They rely on high participation numbers to achieve the high event density that makes them worth using.

If your platform has 2 events in town and the big platform has 2000 events, you're not going to have a million happy users. You're going to have frustrated disappointed users who keep a mainstream account on the side until they eventually give up on your platform because it isn't meeting the basic need people use events platforms for.

@queeranarchism I have no experience in this area, but I am familiar with the MV of user participation. What you say makes sense, but is ultimately defeatist.
It would start to take hold in smaller islands of people. Like a ski club or a volunteer fire department. Not take over the whole world at once.
Also, I see @bob just posted your idea of scraping fb events in epicyon. Give things a chance mate!

Sorry, that was very lazy of me. I meant momentum.


Pointing out what preconditions need to be met for a platform to work isn't defeatist at all. It's a starting point towards finding solutions.

Local organizing and/or scraping fb could offer solutions.

Which we could have been talking about a lot of posts back, but dismissing criticism as 'defeatist' and just calling for optimism and patience kinda makes such progress very slow and frustrating.

@queeranarchism I think it's simply a matter of scope and focus - I'm simply taking the long view and thinking more broadly, because I'm old I suppose.
Also, it's 03h30 for me and I can't sleep... so, sorry.

@queeranarchism I have a problem with goog. If you hit some french that is too difficult or dense, you have: (just a different devil, I know...)

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