My hobby: messing with capitalist computer algorithms.
This is who utube thinks I am now.

Honestly, I just popped a new tab and typed in youtube dot com and that's what came up. It really couldn't be more wrong :-)
That was in a new container tab in ff. I'm proxied through a vps in germany, but goog thinks I'm in saudi for some reason. I do talk to few ppl in india. Don't know how that information is leaking though... Which is troubling...

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@gemlog If it thinks you’re in Saudi, it may be a coincidence. Plenty of guest worker expats yonder watch Hindi media.

@Shufei It's a geoip problem they have.
Sometimes I forget where I'm logged in. My only use for goog is to ask for the nearest mcdonalds. seriously.
So, if I'm through tilde black it will tell me somewhere in kansas I think. If I'm through munich it will tell me saudi. Sdf just plain doesn't work.

@gemlog Not quite grokking, sorry. You’re running ssh tunnel to Germany vps... How does SDF enter it?

I barely use garble anymore. My last thing was youtube and invidious is the cat’s for that now.

@Shufei sdf comes in by giving me a shell account.
I sometimes run ssh -D to contabo in germany. Other times to If I try to map through sdf though it doesn't work.

@gemlog You’re meta? Plenty of meta kids tunnel stuff through those SDF servers, I thought. It’s worth a bboard if you can’t do it, as something must be agog.

@Shufei no. I am a poor person. That must be the problem.
I do think about doing it. I do.
But then I think sdf or watsi? I always choose watsi.

@gemlog I grok, ever so much. But SDF is quite reasonable prices, really. I’m not sure about tunneling in, if that is meta or ARPA. It may just be ARPA. Bboard the requests group, eh? If you have access for that and it’s not working, the sysops need to fix it.

What is watsi?

@Shufei I"m not saying it's too expensive!
It's just that when I have that kind of coin left over, I have to make decisions. or kiva.

@gemlog That is a good service. And sadly needful. You’re a good egg, Gemlog, boopable offences aside.

@Shufei How can I say "No, you can't have surgery, because I want ARPA?"
Can't do that.

@gemlog (Earlier comment borked to ether.) Avacado toast. Plutocrats cause the drought you’re sprinkling a drop for. It’s a 功德 that you donate thus, but the moral weight is on the medical profiteers and oligarchs whose ill gotten mammon caused what is now a broadly solvable issue.

@Shufei Yes. It's true. But, in the end, it is still up to me to distribute my little drop isn't it?
I can't turn off the capitalists, but I can turn on one operation at a time.
Also, I like 功德. I will try to memorize it. It's a complicated one. Yandex says it means 'merit'.

@gemlog That is true. I suppose your widow’s mite is mighty indeed. And I do grok. I’m just despondent that the mites are not enough anymore.

功德 literally means “virtuous effort”. Usually translated as merit in Buddhist English, also in Daoism and folk belief. Good deeds, or like a mitzvah, but also the waves of good juju that chaotically spread out from that. Karma as butterfly effect. The set phrase is often 功德無量, boundless merit.

@Shufei Ok. That last is waaaay too much - I'll never remember that! :-) Beginning is the same. Just 'he has' ... merit. Or they have merit? IDK. I'm illiterate.
And I'm not as virtuous as the widow's mite from the xtian bible. Far from it! I was just saying that's how I make decisions.

@gemlog 功德 = a karmic merit. Good enough, definitely. I do like to see myself as blabbing witty turns of phrase, sorry.

It would be hubristic indeed for me to play biblical exegete. But I kind of think that was the point of the widow’s own decisions. The mite was a big deal to Jesus, ontologically, as it came from her heart. Camels and needles and plutocrats pitching woo, not so much.

So, haha, I give in. Keep giving mites. I’m still not ARPA either, note.

@Shufei Well, you made me laugh out loud right at the end!!!
Ontologies... maybe this should wait until tomorrow?
-- love, left over man

@Shufei I have zero intention of sleeping any time soon

@gemlog Well, I am hungry and thirsty so shall draw a fresh pail of water from the well and eat a banana.

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