Cool. iNaturalist is running a workshop in Singapore on Sunday, January 19th on how to use its platform to document nature sightings.

RSVP at this link to join the workshop

#Singapore #Nature #iNaturalist

@sohkamyung I would boost, but you're the only person i know in Singapore!
I just wanted to point out that any url only costs 23 chars on masto regardless of length, so no need to use tinyurls.


The tinyurl was provided by the initial link that provided the info. I believe it expands into a link for the RSVP with some dynamic and unique link info added (maybe used during submission), so I didn't want to send people to a static link that might not work.

Of course, I might be wrong about that. 🙂



@sohkamyung @sohkamyung
I suspected it was a cpy/pasta, but I mentioned it anyhow, because I didn't know that about masto for a couple of years myself.

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