People need to know that they do NOT HAVE TO PAY for having a website, shell access, gopher site, free radio shows...
AND you do not have to pay by selling your soul and attention by advertizing!
Free - as in freedom/freespeech AND free as in free beer for decades are available at and at
Yes, they solicit donations, but not ravenously upon your attention span.
You can have a website. You can be a radio DJ with a scheduled show!! Come on! Boost!

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@gemlog I made an account at SDF, but, doesn't seem like I can do much?

@IceWolf What do you do after you log in? Are you used to a *nix shell?
For my part, I only use it to 'chat' using the 'com' command during live shows on anonradio.
We could do it now though, if you like.
I will login and type 'com' and then join anonradio.

@gemlog I am definitely used to a Unix shell! But this doesn't seem like a regular shell.

@IceWolf i'm not saying about anything. I'm a linux guy myself, but this is a bsd shell.

@gemlog Huh? Shell shouldn't matter Linux or BSD. (: Anyway, I can't even do things like echo environment variables. Or run things by path!

I'm pretty sure this /isn't an actual shell to begin with/.

@IceWolf It is restricted. I don't even know what.
Maybe you are in something else.

@gemlog Says I'm on "otaku". Should I be sshing to something other than

@IceWolf I have no idea what the fuck a 'psh' shell is either!

If you ssh to then you are on that. If you ssh to then you get randomly assigned to a server.

@gemlog OH! Okay!

Welp. On "sdf" now...same wonky non-shell.

I think having an actual shell is locked behind having a validated account. :/

@IceWolf yes. for example, I can't execute ssh -D 9999 in order to create a tunnel. But paid members can. I think.

@gemlog Do you get an actual shell, at least?

(And is your account "validated"? Because mine isn't.)

@IceWolf other than I can't tunnel, my login seems just like at home or on a vps.
What are you seeing?

@gemlog I'm in this weird psh shell, and that's it.


@IceWolf just for sport what happens if you exec 'com' as a command and try to join the anonradio room. can you do that?

@gemlog Tried that...not sure if it worked? com is very weird. (: I'll start it up again.

@IceWolf Sometimes the bsd servers do seem to lockup, but in this case it was me just not responding to you. sorry about that.

@IceWolf I see 'siverwolf' was in chat in my other monitor! So sorry! I didn't notice, but you were there.
My very bad for mis-leading you that what you were doing was not working.! :-(
Sorry. Sorry.

@gemlog Oh, oops. Guess that accidental 'w' sent. :P

So that is how to send messages, then! Is there no confirmation that they went through?

@IceWolf And, yes, someone validated my account a couple of years ago.

@IceWolf It does not matter where you are logged in 'from'. You have the same services and I can still see you.

@BalooUriza Honestly, I have no idea. I use a different masto myself.
Probably the usual proviso applies:
"don't be an asshole or we'll ban your sorry ass" :-)
I fail to see how we need several paragraphs of legalese to define common sense and decency toward one another for every fucking interaction or website.
In a public forum, you are obviously speaking for yourself, that's a given. Just try not to be an jerk or we'll ban you. Simple.

@gemlog Well, at least a summary since like,, has a picker of all the different common permutations of rules within the fedi.

@BalooUriza Interesting. I've just now taken their quiz.
For any instance, small or large, moderating to that extent is a lot of work and always falls short of perfection. I don't think it's reasonable of anyone to assume otherwise.
We all live in the big, wide, world and mastodon gives each of us the tools to mute, block and filter to our heart's content.
'Societal norms' are created by our own behaviour. :-)

@BalooUriza @gemlog

Yeah... their page ( doesn't really have a lot about the governance does it...

From experience, sdf-ers in general are pretty laid back and welcoming by nature.
Probably, there's just no one interested enough in creating an 'about' blurb when there is no problem to deal with.

@liaizon The internet is swollen with good people who want to share. Share code. Share wealth. Share information. Share knowledge and education. Share recipes. Share extra fruit and vegetables...
It's just that the corporations who don't want to share have a much larger advertising budget than we do! :-)
That's why the fediverse in all its forms is so important.
e.g. Can you imagine Zero food waste in your town? The fediverse makes it possible. And many other Good Things :-)

@gemlog one of the very reasons I am devoting so much of my time trying to help with fediverse stuff. this is honestly the most exciting "technology" I have ever discovered. The promise of the web that I have always wanted is closer in this form then any other I have ever seen.

@liaizon Thank you for doing all that. It's important.

I am happy to pay for SDF services. US$36 one time for "ARPA" membership is a pretty good deal I think.

@gemlog For simple webspace I usually recommend neocities and lately also codeberg pages. #librehosters


Perusing too hastily my home timeline I read "you don't have to PRAY to have a website" and my reaction was "well... it depends on what you're developing it!


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