I wonder if the people joining Mastodon from India also have an appetite for ditching more of the capitalist internet, because there are replacements for many more things than just twitter.

For example, no need to use google maps when you can add detail of even things like footpaths in your town to OpenStreetMap :

The Switching Software website contains an ever-growing list of ethical alternatives for many things:

@gemlog Might I suggest redrafting and adding some tags to that, so it perhaps gets a bit more viewing?

(I was recently re-introduced to the concept, as a form of "categorizing" posts into similar things, for people interested in the idea. It's different than boosting, and perhaps more natural for some folks... especially folks who have recently joined.)

(seen via boost, so perhaps my point is completely invalid to begin with (: )

Hi again,
My settings in mastodon don't go to public timelines, so says "This toot won't be listed under any hashtag as it is unlisted. Only public toots can be searched by hashtag."
Also, since I never used twitter, I'm not into that mindset to even think of it.
BUT! Please do free to copy/past my post without attribution and add any hash tags you think may be appropriate. I agree; that would be a Good Thing :-)

@gemlog Ok, I will do that! Not sure it will reach anywhere far, but perhaps someone will pick up on it and share (:

(Apologies for the impolite, not greeting you metod of my post... when things go into my timeline, I react to them as if someone were talking directly to me. 30+ years of interactions on various outlets has left me with this habit. Hello! )

@Truck I was just going to admit to the same years on the internet. The truth is I was going back and forth between masto and emails, got mixed up and added a salutation.
You're just lucky you didn't get a complimentary close in the form of 'Love, Dad' !! :-)

@gemlog As it's isanpäivää today (Father's day in Finland) that would perhaps NOT come across as strange (:

@Truck I didn't know that!
Wow. You have finnish And swedish? I don't even try to find words in finnish to read!

@gemlog Yes, the coast of Finland near Sweden speaks Swedish (though differently than in Sweden... "flat" rather than bouncing intonation.)

When I first arrived here, I did not know where the Finnish ended and Swedish began, so I would often not understand the road signs or directions on public transit. After 3 months I was able to. After 6 months I could identify the double vowels; after 2 years, the double consonants.

Here's a great service they have here for people like me (and I need to start taking ADVANTAGE of it) - Selkosuomeksi uutiset (Simple Finnish news) - actual daily news, read correctly - just very slowly. Finns have suggested that if they listened to it, they'd fall asleep. But it is great for learning how the words work (:

(I'm ignoring everyone who says I should learn Swedish because it's easier: I live in Helsinki, and people speak Finnish here. Some Swedish. But all Finnish (: )

Finland only recently discontinued the daily news read in Latin, so slow finnish doesn't surprise me at all :-)

@gemlog ... I didn't know we had that... crap. I wonder if it IS available somewhere?

I don't know Latin, but knowing it would help IMMENSELY with certain things like "dative" which I just ... well, the US has what I call a "half dative" in that we will use the German form of grammar for some sentences which the British loudly decry as a horrific slight to the sanctity of the language.

Ok, maybe only the ones with formal training who were friends of mine (:

@Truck I sometimes find myself things at the end putting. But only lately.
It was here somewhere the latin news:

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