We want to add a moderator who speaks Hindi to the mastodon.social team. Must uphold our code of conduct, must stick around on Mastodon, some monetary compensation is included.

Apply over DM or reply. Will try to get through the applications in the following days (I’m not home though)

@Gargron Just FYI, there are hundreds of languages in India. Over 700 at-least. You should be looking for someone who understands not just Hindi but also Indian politics and culture. Because most Indians use English as a bridge language at-least on social media. Definitely good to know Hindi but that shouldn’t be the only criteria. India has no national language. There are two official languages of business and 22 scheduled languages. Gonna be hard policing all Indian languages at this stage.

I'm glad you made that point. I'm not indian, but I thought that was common knowledge.
In my small (16,000) town in northern bc canada I guessed the most common indian language was punjabi (statscan agrees) and I know some who speak gujarati. I don't actually know anyone who speaks hindi (I think).



@gemlog Hello sir from snowy #Toronto. This a common misconception. Most people think Indians speak Hindi. In Canada, Punjabi must be the most spoken. But in India it is a minority language at best. Hindi in its many forms is spoken by at best half the population (this can be disputed because they lump together its many forms). Bengali is the next biggest. Punjabi is 12th at best. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_


Hello from Singapore. 🙂

Here, the official Indian language is Tamil, probably because most migrants to Singapore from the Indian subcontinent are from that ethic group.

[ en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Language ]


@sohkamyung @gemlog Yes I heard the Tamil songs in pubs there are awesome. I studied in Chennai most of my life. Picked up some Tamil there. Fun fact: Here in Toronto, Scarborough has a lot of Tamilians. Mostly from SriLanka. Fun fact 2: Apparently Canada has the second largest Tamil expat population after the UK.

@aab1dh @sohkamyung
Our last priest was from Chennai. Our current one is also from Tamil Nadu. Can't think of the city right now. 2nd biggest one.

@aab1dh @sohkamyung
That's it! Thanks :-)
This new priest is a fiend for mushroom picking and fishing. Anyhow, one day we were out fishing for salmon and I'd seen a story on the BBC about a woman in Coimbatore and I asked him how to pronounce it, not knowing it was his home town. Plus - he knew the woman even!

@gemlog @sohkamyung Yes it’s a smaller city. Chennai is big. Coimbatore is also very lush green. Tamil Nadu, the state, falls on the Leeward side of the Western Ghats. So it’s a dry semi-arid place in general. Coimbatore however was saved from this fate by the Palghat pass which allows for the monsoon rains to reach it. The Nilgiri Reserve Park is beautiful. The city was also known as Kovai in the past.

@aab1dh @sohkamyung The story was about a woman who has been selling breakfasts for one rupee for like 40 years or something.

@aab1dh @gemlog @sohkamyung

I remember reading that too and thinking she looks like my late grandmother, but that is not surprising as my mothers side of the family are Tamil Indians from Selangor, Malaysia...


@vfrmedia @aab1dh @sohkamyung Oh, yeah. I remember. I made a good guess at you when I saw your picture :-)

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