Welcome to our new members from India! Be sure to post an #introduction and possibly use the hashtag #india so you can find each other!

@editor thank you for the welcome I'm Sanjay from Chennai, Have used the same id as that of my Twitter handle for easy reconnect... Hoping moderation is of highest standard here to keep the place free of toxicity #india


@ansh_blue @editor
There are no mods for the most part, although you may report bots or w/e to whomever is running your instance.
Instead the users have the power and the tools.
You can mute individuals or threads. You can block individuals or entire instances. You can filter out languages you don't read. You can filter out by words or URL.
You are in control of your own timelines here Sanjay.
In the end you will curate your own place in the fediverse.
See also switching.software/

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